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Sgt. Keith Shepherd Tarrant County Sheriff’s deputy- died after he was found with severe head injuries in Fort Worth late last night. My heart breaks to hear of yet another LEO lost this week. #honorthefallen
We will never be a socialist nation. Period.
Happy 244th birthday @USArmy 🇺🇸
We know @realDonaldTrump loves flag day!
More of my “No Interruption” with our brave Dallas area officers! Whole clip here:
Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend @realDonaldTrump #TeamTomi #MAGA #Trump #Merica
According to a New York Times opinion columnist, our entire party is “stumbling blind into the age of diversity.” Also known as, we aren't very good at promoting the Oppression Olympics. My Final Thoughts:
These bozos in Congress think they deserve a pay raise? Are they trying to convince us $174k a year isn’t enough? Our border agents-who are stressed/overworked due to Congressional inability to handle the immigration crisis- make between $26-$61k a year! Cry me a river, Congress
These bozos in Congress think they deserve a pay raise? Are they trying to convince us $174,000/year isn’t enough? Our border patrol agents-who are stressed/overworked due to Congressional inability to handle the immigration crisis- make an average of $26-$61k per year!
If don’t want your hard-earned tax dollars going to illegals, if you think incentivizing illegal immigration is downright un-American, if you believe Americans come first in our own country, get ready to fight to keep President Trump in office in 2020.
I know some on the religious right don’t want to hear this, but stop focusing on social issues-focus on personal responsibility, maximizing freedom & limited government
Of course some young people prefer the Democratic Party! The Democratic Party is all about free things, entitlement, and political correctness. A platform like that is like offering a fast food toy to a toddler.
When you start throwing rocks & bottles at officers you’re not a “protester” you are a criminal! The man had multiple felony warrants, attempted to ram police vehicles, and got out of his vehicle with a weapon. Wake the hell up.
Heartbroken to hear LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Solano has passed away after being shot off-duty Monday night at an area fast food restaurant. Rest In Peace. You will never be forgotten.
Illegal immigrant healthcare. If you’re not a Californian you might not think this applies to you but be warned, this isn’t just the platform of the California Democratic Party, this is the platform of the Democratic Party, at large.
Wtf Illinois? These abortion extremes on BOTH sides are ridiculous. There is a middle ground and if these politicians would stop trying to one-up each other we would all be better off, pro-choice and pro-lifers.
If you think law enforcement officers put on that badge and uniform for little money, horrible hours, and little respect all to satisfy some pent-up racism or aggression, you’re out of your mind.
I refuse to believe women truly want socialism. If you want freedom and choice, you don’t want socialism. Ask the women of Venezuela how that’s working out...
“Maybe remind the few if ill of them they speak, that they are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.” I had the privilege of sitting down with Dallas-area officers for my latest episode of “No…
Dallas officers hold the line and they do it for far less respect than they deserve. Part 1 of “No Interruption” Dallas Holds The Line is streaming now on FoxNation!
Do women really prefer socialism? Say it ain’t so!!! I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 10 mins!
“Behind me, a filled room of 9/11 first responders. And in front of me, a nearly empty Congress. Sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak-to no one. Shameful.” Jon Stewart. Amen. This is bigger than the partisan divide. We should ALL support this!
A 15-hour manhunt for the suspect and none of them bothered to use their platforms with combined millions of followers to spread the word or offer even thoughts or prayers for the deputy.
CA reps who couldn't be bothered to put out a simple tweet in regards to the @LASDHQ deputy shot in the head last night. @RepJudyChu @AsmEdChau @SenSusanRubio @ericgarcetti @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris @SenFeinstein @tedlieu @RepMaxineWaters @RepAdamSchiff
RT @bfricketion: LA based & CA statewide politicians you all disgust the hell out of me Over 16hrs & not a single mention from any of you…
Our California politicians have been tweeting away about Russia, pride parades, global warming, upcoming CNN appearances and illegal immigrant healthcare. An LA county deputy was shot in the head at a fast food restaurant last night and nothing. The suspect is still at large.
My heart breaks for this deputy, his family, his department & our whole community. It takes a special kind of person to put on the uniform & badge knowing you may not come home at night. Americans are behind you and we love you.
RT @NextRevFNC: .@TomiLahren: We need to get better at, as a conservative movement and a Republican party, showing young people that yes, y…
Let’s go!
RT @johnrich: Twitter has now said #ShutUpAboutPolitics was "erroneously flagged by a third party" and they have now reactivated the link.…
Do you want equality or special treatment? You can’t have both.
Many conveniently left out this part of my commentary, “it is indeed gay pride month and let me be clear, I have no issue with LGBT people being proud of who they are.”
You knew I’d talk about it.
Well some enjoy their safe spaces and trigger warnings, we remember those who fought to protect and defend freedom. #dday
Alabama passes chemical castration for some child molesters. Hmmm wonder how long till we see @KimKardashian in Alabama fighting for child molesters?
Imagine if Democrats loved Americans as much as they love their precious illegal immigrants…#BuildThatWall
I often wonder how much traffic congestion would be alleviated if we didn’t have 1,000,000+ illegals living in Los Angeles. #BuildTheWall
Did you stop to think how the mother of the 11-year-old boy he was convicted of slaying with a hatchet feels? Or the rape victim who testified against him in the 1980s, Miss Female Empowerment? Maybe you should have an “emotional meeting” with them?
Coming from you...Mrs. email-deleting, bleachbit, hammer to BlackBerry Clinton?
RT @realDonaldTrump: As a sign of good faith, Mexico should immediately stop the flow of people and drugs through their country and to our…
One month from today my book will be released! Here’s a quote from page 53 I wanted to share today: “People will like you more when you go along with the crowd and play to the hits. But they don’t like you for you.…
RT @kelliwardaz: THANK YOU, President @realDonaldTrump, for always inspiring confidence and taking the time to deliver such a thoughtful me…
Look at my friend @johnrich KILLING it on the charts!
Hahahaha listening to @cthagod grill Pocahontas @ewarren on her fake Native American hoax is CLASSIC. What a perfect way to end the week!
Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia. More Russia. Democrats, ante up or shut up! My Final Thoughts on the never-ending witch hunt:
I’m so sick of this perpetual obsession with Robert Mueller, Russia, Trump, collusion accusations and the rest of the elements in this never-ending dog and pony show. So move forward with your impeachment and let us all watch you fail at that, too.
AMEN and Hallelujah!!
Under regulations Trump inherited from the Obama administration, the beef you find in a local grocery store can be labeled ‘Product of USA’ as long as it was packaged here. So it could have been born and raised…
As senator of an agriculture state, why hasn’t @johnthune made country of origin labeling on beef products a known and prominent issue? It impacts ranchers AND consumers! We don’t know where our beef is from!
Fresno County has one of the largest ranches on the West Coast & produces over 6M barrels of oil per year. The @AOC green new deal & other whacky ideas would take away the ability of those people to provide for themselves. Yes, she is an enemy of freedom.
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