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So once again @realDonaldTrump has donated his presidential salary back to the country. When will AOC be donating her “fair share”....
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We live in a time where disagreeing with a liberal is bullying, but calling a conservative a slut is a social justice victory. #Metoo #TimesUp am I right?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad @realDonaldTrump is defending free speech on college campuses with his executive order. But if we really wanna do something for college kids, we should get the government out of the student loan business. Now that would be something!
I appreciate this article. Thank you.
I have no problem arguing political points or policy but this fool’s attack on me had nothing to do with politics- it was all personal, all disgusting, and yeah dare I say sexist? I do. Sexist!
Hey feminists, this okay with you?
Hey @thegame here you go. This is for you. On the left is an unflattering high school photo of me. On the right is me now. Same big forehead, same ears that kinda stick out, same eyebrows,…
Of course Democrats want to lower the voting age, they are very well aware the liberal indoctrination starts early in schools. I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 20 mins!
I will NOT be silenced or intimidated by the filth hurled at me by low-class rappers.
Hey @thegame I’ve got some Final Thoughts for you. Btw, do you kiss your daughter with that filthy mouth?
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All those praising New Zealand for gun control and banning semi-autos...feel free to move to New Zealand! Bye! This is the United States of America and we still believe in the Second Amendment.
So @realDonaldTrump (a capitalist) donates his paycheck to DHS but loudmouth AOC (a socialist who wants to tax Americans at 70%) keeps her entire paycheck.. Money where your mouth is, babe?
Donald Trump AND Chelsea Clinton both blamed for something they had NOTHING to do with.
Mexico is not safe. Spring Breakers, please read and pay attention to this warning. It could save your life.
It’s okay to attack, degrade and demean women so long as they are conservative, huh? Hey @thegame didn’t @50cent shut you up years ago? Sit down.
Greasy @GavinNewsom says he has a “moral responsibility” to halt the death penalty. Does he not have a moral responsibility to protect Californians from illegals? Sanctuary Cities kill.
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Outside of losing to Cruz in the midterms, he represented a district for 3 terms, city council in El Paso for 6 years, and don’t forget he was also part of several rock bands! But he’s ready to represent you, Americans (and illegals!) First Thoughts on
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from both sides of the emerald aisle!
I am so honored to be a part of the Wounded Blue organization. Our LEOs give so much and the least we can do is hear their stories and appreciate their sacrifice.
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There is nothing I love more than having intense and heated debate and still walking away kindly and respectfully. But for the record...illegal immigration IS a national emergency, Robert Beta O’Rourke is a fake Mexican, and Trump is YOUR President!
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Governor Greasy placed a moratorium on executions in CA AGAINST the will of voters. Fellow Golden State residents, this man cares about raising taxes, cheerleading illegals, and coddling criminals. Never thought I’d wish for Governor Moonbeam back but here we are.
Everyone’s true colors show eventually.
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We need to bring back COOL! @realDonaldTrump our American ranchers don’t want a handout, just a fighting chance to show consumers what they are eating and where it’s from!
A lot of people still not sure how to pronounce @BetoORourke Is it Bay-to? Bee-too? Bet-oh? None of the above. It’s Robert. #Trump2020
Hey @govkristinoem as the governor of an ag/livestock state will you fight for country of origin labeling on beef products? Or have the meat packers gotten to you???
These “Republicans” in the Senate make me sick. Put a “D” beside your name and go sit with your friends Schumer, Pelosi and AOC. A disgrace! #BuildThatWall
Doesn’t matter if you’re a rancher or a consumer, you DESERVE to know what you’re getting!
Governor Greasy is going against CA voters to coddle death row monsters. I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 5 mins!
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Maybe the Instagram gods heard me talking about these thirsty bachelor contestants and made a divine intervention resulting in this insta outage.... If the gram doesn’t come back up how will they make a living selling their fun boxes and hair gummies??!!
Why are we referring to next season as “The Bachelorette?” Instead let’s just call it, “I Want to be the Next Bachelor, Get more Instagram Followers, Sell People Crap they Don’t want with Custom Discount Codes.”
What’s wrong with people these days??
If this college bribery scam would’ve been up and running when Pocahontas was applying for college maybe she wouldn’t have had to pretend she’s Native American...bummer.
Very few Liberals are willing to acknowledge the double standard. @Trevornoah might be one of the only, if not THE only one willing to. First Thoughts now on FoxNation
I was raised to support law enforcement. Not because I’m white, or conservative- because I’m an American.
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Now, you’d think people, all people, would show a little respect for an event honoring law enforcement families, but sadly here we are in 2019, and that’s not the case. My Final Thoughts:
I was disgusted to see Black Lives Matter protesters at an event to honor the families of the fallen. Why does it have to be like this?
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The Democrats claim to have a monopoly on love and tolerance and have built a resistance campaign on the notion President Trump and his supporters are racist, bigoted, and intolerant. Why then are they so reluctant to call @IlhanMN to the carpet? Final Thoughts @foxnation
Round 2 @Trevornoah ??
The double standard is the only standard of the Left. They rap, say, and act in filthy ways and pass it all off calling it “art” or “comedy.” BUT if someone on the Right says something vanilla by comparison, it’s a witch hunt to the end. Enough.
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