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RT @amiriKing: Mexican authorities arrest El Chapo's son and the cartels start a war on the street... Prompting them to release him. This…
CA we need your help! This is Dixie. She was hit by a car and had her leg amputated and needs to get out of the shelter. She is at the Carson animal shelter 216 W Victoria St, Gardena, CA. Please help us get the word out and find her a forever home ❤️ @LaraLeaTrump @KayaJones
RT @Elex_Michaelson: Should @realDonaldTrump be banned from @Twitter, like @KamalaHarris suggests? @ArevaMartin: "The 1st Amendment has l…
The Democrats have a vested interest in this @realDonaldTrump impeachment witch hunt for 2 main reasons. 1) they are jealous/bitter and know they will lose to him again 2)they don’t want to do anything productive
RT @Elex_Michaelson: One of our most epic debates! @TomiLahren: "I would like to see the Dems do something else besides hunt this Preside…
RT @Elex_Michaelson: Do Dems need to call a vote to officially begin an Impeachment Inquiry? @ArevaMartin: "That is not in the constitutio…
There are conservatives in California and I’m here to prove it. See you on “The Issue Is” with @Elex_Michaelson tonight on @FOXLA 10:30pmPT!
What the.... @KatieHill4CA onship
The Democrats say we cannot go door to door to deport illegals who have NO legal right to be here BUT are perfectly fine going door to door to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans. Imagine that. #Priorities
RT @BrandonFrickeCA: Please look into how much money Richard Bloom (@SenFeinstein) husband has made in his dealings with China. BTW, I’m s…
Remember "no religion and no guns" that's no good. Our president calling out Beto Francis. #DallasRally
President Trump tramples the fake news media. I'm sure they are all in the back of the room with their panties in a wad. #DallasRally
We watched the Democrats practically fall asleep on stage the other night. Compare that to @realDonaldTrump on stage tonight in Dallas. LET'S GOOOO!!!
The only way @realDonaldTrump loses Texas is if the Democrats find a way to get their precious illegals voting again.
At the Dallas rally the crowd chants "build that wall." What do they chant at Pocahontas' rallies? "Raise our taxes?!" No.
Our president is on FIRE tonight in Dallas! #GodBlessTexas #KAG
The Democrats will cheerlead war just to be anti-Trump. Disgusting.
Bernie doesn’t want to be compared to Warren- not because she lied about being a Native American or may have lied about being fired for being pregnant...because she’s a capitalist (she’s not).
Young Americans, don’t like being told what to do? Wait till you live under socialism. My warning and my Final Thoughts:
The Trump Deranged Crowd gets triggered by a cardboard sign....shocker.
The Dem darling should probably be watching her own back...
The Democratic Party is such a joke. They will change any of their positions just to oppose our president. Hell, if @realDonaldTrump came out against the second amendment tomorrow they’d cling to guns faster than any redneck out there!
Listening to @BernieSanders on that stage last night was horrifying. He truly envisions an America where we all depend on, work for, answer to and live for the almighty government. That’s not the American Dream. That’s a living nightmare.
RT @trish_regan: .@TomiLahren SLAMS 2020 #Democrats who try to sell #socialism as ‘democratic socialism’: “You can’t be free economically o…
The Squad endorses @BernieSanders which tells you everything you need to know about @BernieSanders 🙄 #SocialismKills
Hearing @kilmeade joke that he finds Scott Eastwood sexy on @foxandfriends made my day, my week, my month. Love it. 😂😂
You can either be free OR dependent on the government- you can’t be both. Socialism is economic slavery. I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 15 mins!
The American people voted for @realDonaldTrump and they are gonna do it again in 2020.
If you're arguing over who will win...that's a losing argument already.
The structural change she wants is socialism. That's not bold. That's STUPID.
And Joe is gonna get flack for yelling at Pocahontas. Here come the feminists.
It's sad old Sleepy Joe is the only one on that stage that will take on socialism.
Let me help you Joe. Bernie and Pocahontas are being vague in that they have no way of paying for their bullshit entitlements.
Yes, they all want some degree of socialism. NEXT.
Who wants to tell Ruth Bader Ginsburg that Pete wants Supreme Court term limits....
Tulsi is the only one with a reasonable answer on the abortion question and for that, I give her credit.
Big tech censors conservatives but going out on a limb here...neither Kamala or Pocahontas cares about that one single bit. Right?
Kamala wants to ban the president from Twitter. WOW. Just wow.
The tech companies are undermining our democracy but not in the way these clowns are talking about but through censorship of conservatives.
It's President Trump to you, Tom.
Why is Tom there? No added value, whatsoever.
I did want to hear Pocahontas answer what makes her qualified to serve as Commander in Chief. Though any mention of "chief" is already taking us down a familiar path with Elizabeth...
Tulsi is very full of herself tonight.
Pocahontas..none of you have a shot in hell at winning anything.
Um fossil fuels are also powering our world and powering however you got to this debate tonight, Bernie. Shut up.
No one wants to talk about the lack of personal responsibility in this country and how it contributes to the opioid epidemic. Giving them safe injection sites doesn't change that. Giving them a "get out of jail free card" is certainly not going to change that.
And what about the drugs coming across our semi-open border? What will you do about those drugs, Amy?
Kamala is REPEATING the EXACT same canned statement she said in the last debate. Word for word.
It's not a gun issue. It's a thug issue. It's a family issue.
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