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True Story from yesterday as I was explaining what #Bitcoin is and why it's important --------- Him: So do you mind if I ask you how much Bitcoin you have? Me: I am sitting next to you on a $3 Bus from City Center to Prague Airport - So Obviously Not Enough!
Trading #Bitcoin - Let's take a look if this bounce $10 was just a "Dead Cat" to prior breakdown area of $11k or something that can rally us to new swing high... those that watch regularly should know which way i'm leaning.
If you are a #Bitcoin, it really is best to keep your mouth shut & not brag unless your actual career is to evangelize Bitcoin. PS, I was in Jaipur in February, kind of crazy Traders are getting kidnaped demanding 80 $BTC ransom.
Munichin @USTreasury Secretary said: President's Working Group on Financial Markets is now able & willing to manipulate $BTC prices. Great in short-term as can only manipulate up to multi-trillion $ market cap. But economic censorship resistance?? 🚀 @APompliano @ToneVays @lopp
Trading #Bitcoin - What else to do but stream now that my @united flight is delayed by 6 hours, need to make better airline choices 🤔. Price Bounced form $10k, need this to hold as I don't think $9k will do it. Also @Trezor update from @_xbach
RT @saifedean: In two weeks from now, I will begin offering the first of my online Austrian economics courses. Ten weekly 1-hour lectures…
Trading #Bitcoin - Wasn't planning to do a video today cause of the Webinar starting in a few hours on Entries, Exits & Stop Losses, but this drop under $11k is Troublesome so let's discuss:
As mentioned in today's video w/ @UglyOldGoat1, the #Bitcoin drop under $11k is pretty Bearish, price can go anywhere but my style of trading tells me a reversal in $9k range is unlikely. I don't believe in double bottoms.
RT @MariaV54: Find out what is the next possible scenario for Bitcoin price: going up to 30k or falling down to 3k!🤔 @ToneVays Tone Vays o…
If anyone from @Trezor team or @slush_pool team is free tonight & wants to grab dinner/drinks near Prague Center, DM me... Keep doing the great work for #Bitcoin.
Trading #Bitcoin - Looks like we are in another no trade zone, but a break above $12,500 should send it to new yearly highs, while a drop under $11,000 should put the swing low of $9.6k in serious danger. Also $NDX, $GOOG, $AMZN, $TSLA on TD 9 Sells 🤔:
Love how these pretend to be "decentralized" projects like @0xProject with their $ZRX scam tokens shut down for Maintanance update when ever they like. Whish I had time to find my old content on this rediculous project to show the Bag Holder's backlash!
LIVE Q&A from #Bitcoin Meetup at @Paralelni_polis in Prague. Time is approximate at 1pm ET as I will not stream my presentation (gotta be in attendance for those 😎)
RT @Vaultoro: We caught up with the ever effulgent @ToneVays to talk about the #volatility problem of #bitcoin and why he believes #BTC wil…
Trading #Bitcoin - From yet another Airport... Off to Prague. Price held the Set Up Trend Line on 4h and still within 1-4 Candle Pull Back on 12 hour, let's see how higher time frames look: PS: quick 15 min just for the awesome @WorldofRusty thumbnails :)
Correction: "Deal Ends 9am PDT" Shout out to @woonomic for joining today's stream & @ybchri_ of @LevelInvest for extending the $5/month unlimited #Bitcoin & Crypto trading introductory rate for 24 hours following today's video, sight up here:
RT @TommyThornton: NY Fed probability of a recession in 12 months on month 6 of 13 with upside DeMark Sequential Countdown. When this has…
Shout out to @woonomic for joining today's stream & @ybchri_ of @LevelInvest for extending the $5/month unlimited #Bitcoin & Crypto trading introductory rate for 24 hours following today's video. Deal Ends 9pm PDT.
Moving the above interview to 8am ET... we will also discuss @woonomic's affiliation with @LevelInvest where you can do unlimited trading for a single monthly fee & open to USA traders. Those who wan' to sign up please use my affiliate code to support:
Always Bullish on #Bitcoin, but what does it mean for me to be Bullish on $BTCUSD? - It means the probability of New All Time Highs at $20k is Greater than New Swing Lows at $3k - This 'can' change with a drop under $10k - It just depends on IF, HOW & WHEN it drops under $10k
Trading #Bitcoin w/ @woonomic ... join us at 7:30am ET as we get Willy's thoughts on $BTCUSD and what is On-Chain Volume (NVT) saying. Is Willy still bullish after this exponential rise?
I have 0 problem become a Bear within 24 hours of becoming a Bull... Ever since price rose > $6.5k I was skeptical of the run up & those that saw todays video know I'm looking for an 80% correction at some point cause of exponential rise. PS- I don't get #REKT, I use Stop Loses
RT @bones_xrp: Before I leave twitter, I just want to say a big fuck you to all the xrp influencers who have been miserably wrong about eve…
RT @BlockchainMT: "I believe bitcoin will be around for another hundred years until someone invents something completely innovative that's…
For those that watched the video, you would know I had a big warding on the 12 hour 9 Sell at the moment... i also forgot to explain the criteria that turns back into a Bear expecting sub $5,000 price, it's simple, a daily close under $10k
I will be speaking at @Futurist_conf by @untraceableinc this August 12-14 in Toronto. It is the largest, most high profile blockchain event in Canada and I am happy to be a part of it for 2019! Use code TONE50 for 50% off #futurist19 #toronto
Trading #Bitcoin - My 15 Years of TA experience tells me that you need 3 steps for Trend Change. Establish a Swing High, Followed by a 30%+ Correction (based on $BTC's volatility hist) than challenge set high. So here we are:
This one awesome show following the #Bip001 conf in Odessa Ukraine. Was a lot of fun! @ Odessa, Ukraine
One by One, Influences that plan to remain that way will be converting towards #Bitcoin & away from Altcoins, Shitcoins & ICO's... from @PeterMcCormack to @sunnydecree to now potentially @DiaryofaMadeMan !!!!
RT @jonnajarian: Bitcoin looking bullish as we get a green 2 going above a green 1 on the daily chart. What an unprecedented run @ToneVays
Trading #Bitcoin - so we finally broke out above $12,500. The Big Hurdle is over but a few small ones to go, like an end of day close + taking out the prior swing high:
"This Tone Vays guy is a #ColossalDouche" - @bitfinex as stated in the documents as part of the NY AG case against @Tether_to #Tether $USDT I blame @Bitfinexed for this one 😂
"This Tone Vays guy is a #ColossalDouche" - @bitfinex as stated in the documents as part of the NY AG case against @Tether_to #Tether $USD. I blame @Bitfinexed for this one 😂
OK, shit gettin' real. I'm not exactly interested in being dragged into any major law suits but the following 2017 tweet is referenced in the NY AG's case against @Bitfinex & @Tether_to #Tether $USDT... @Bitfinexed
NO, reason everyone will move from PoW to PoS is cause you need the price of your token to increase over time with PoW or you will have a 51% attack or mining death spiral. They will ALL move to PoS so that those with first access to money print more for themselves... LIKE FIAT!
Every single ICO/IEO/STO (let's exclude PoW coins like $LTC / $XMR / etc) have ONLY ONE GOAL! To make sure "initial investors" - insiders, corporate interests funding it, Pre-ICO & Pre-Pre-ICO buyers, initial ICO buyers MAKE MONEY by selling the bags to intellectually challenged.
Many Altcoins are now lower than their initial bit vs #Bitcoin (ex: $ICON) Eventually, Every single alt will be below initial bid vs $BTC --- $XLM, $XRP, $ADA, $LTC, $ETH, $EOS, $XMR, etc
Many Altcoins are now lower than their initial bit vs #Bitcoin (ex: $ICON) Eventually, Every single alt will be below initial bid vs $BTC --- $LTC, $XRP, $ADA, $ETH, $EOS, $XMR, etc
Trading #Bitcoin - Price is Back Near Breakout Levels. Let's Discuss:
RT @MMcrypto: @ToneVays on #Bitcoin being King & #Ethereum going to $0.20? Leave your thoughts below!
This Friday, i will be speaking at @Paralelni_polis in #Prague at 630pm
RT @LHeilpern: Giving his thoughts on the @Ripple & @MoneyGram partnership... @ToneVays explains why he believes the #Ripple token is use…
Trading #Bitcoin - Will have very little to say about $BTCUSD, in a no trade zone and have not moved much in days. Will try and look at some stocks & do Q&A:
Maybe at top of the hour :)
RT @Techconcatalina: ENTREVISTA A TONE VAYS: 👇🏻 - Predicción Precio Bitcoin 2019 - ¿Que pasará luego del Halving?…
I worked on Wall Street during the days of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO) & Credit Default Swaps (CDS) that demonized Wall Street globally all because they they were creating & selling 'toxic' instruments people wanted to buy. YUP things have really changed 😂 #Bitcoin
LIVE from Odessa Ukraine Meetup w/ @giacomozucco to explain #blockchain vs #Timechain (the real Satoshi Vision)
Plan to do a video in a few hours from #Odessa. But here is the TL;DV To me #Bitcoin is in a "No Trade Zone" Bullish > $12,500 & Bearish < $10,500 The longer price stays in this range the range can tighten.
Wondering why Monero / $XMR is performing so badly. Any ideas? (I don't own it)
Yes, here you go :)
Next up @giacomozucco as he explains all the misconception around the word #Blockchain. "When I do Blockchain Consulting for my clients, I either explain to them that what they want is either 'MySQL' or #Bitcoin"
Let's get ready to kick off another great #Bip001 Conf in #Odessa #ukraine w/ @sysmannet @AlenaSatoshi @GordonEinstein @giacomozucco @ForkLog
There might not be a Trading #Bitcoin show today as I do not feel like bringing my laptop to #Bip001 conf. But $BTCUSD never went above my Resistance zone of $12,250-12,500 hence NO Bullish Trend Change. I now wait for a Buy opportunity at sub $9k or down in $5-6k
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