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RT @CoinJazeera: #NYCBlockchainWeek RECAP #Consensus2019 #NYBlockchainWeek #MCC2019 Furry Convention Outperforms NYC 2019 @Excellion @Whal…
Trading #Bitcoin - Still in a war with #Ripple's (I mean $XRP of course) Army of the "Brain" Dead... maybe we will take a look at the charts of that #Shitcoin / #Scamcoin along side $BTCUSD:
RT @PeterMcCormack: HBO have announced their spin-off series - Game of Tones
Trading #Bitcoin - Off to Malta for the #Blockchian & AI summit, might be debating Roger Ver again :). Have a few minutes at the airport so what better way to pass the time then looking at $BTCUSD Charts
Watching @PeterSchiff debate @saifedean on @ToneVays show, it's clear he doesn't understand how hard decentralization is to achieve. No, you're not going to make something better without some centralized person and it's the same exact flaw your gold trading over the internet has
Just ONE HOUR to go before a LIVE chat on Central Banking & will $BTC or $GOLD finally give people freedom from fiat money. Author of "The Real Crash" - @PeterSchiff & @saifedean of "The #Bitcoin Standard" discuss:
RT @ToneVays: Holly Mother of God! This @BLOCKTVnews clip w/ @Joe_Saz has released the FULL Wrath of the @Ripple / $XRP #troll Army: Bigge…
xRapid is a #scam by @Ripple to make up a reason for $XRP existence so they don't go directly to prison for creating Fake Money out of thin air that serves no function other than being traded as an unlicensed / unregistered #Ripple security by 12 yr olds on Unregistered exchanges
How "Stupid" do people have to be to believe #Ripple removes friction in remittance? Say u have $100 cash u want to send to Philippines. Do u bring it to @Ripple office & they convert it to $XRP on an unregulated exchange then convert PHP later? Who takes the volatility risk?
That is so disrespectful to #scientology, I've seen their offices & they did not have to make up their own money printed out thin air & break all kinds of security laws to build their empire of brain washed followers, they did it honestly through sheer will ---> Respect!
So #GameOfThrones might be over but the #NightKing & his army of the "brain" dead is still haunting the crypto space as $XRP / #Ripple #Trolls are coming out of the woodwork since that 60 second clip on @BLOCKTVnews w/ @Joe_Saz. #Bitcoin will take the Throne!
I submitted an application for a virtual assistants in the Philippines, Vietnam & India for a job to Block all the Dumb $XRP Supporters of the #Ripple #Troll Army. Got turned down as no one want's a job this shitty & frustrating.
Don't want to call it a debate as @PeterSchiff & @saifedean have similar views on Central Banking & Austrian Economics, but which is the harder & more efficient money might get heated as #Bitcoin challenges #Gold for supremacy. LIVE in 14 hours at 1pm ET:
RT @stacyherbert: @PeterSchiff Peter, the last words were given to @neha who basically warned that bitcoin could still go to zero. Did you…
Trading #Bitcoin - Is #ToneVays still a Bear? Tune in if you care to find out for a look at $BTCUSD Charts w/ Q&A
Holly Mother of God! This @BLOCKTVnews clip w/ @Joe_Saz has released the FULL Wrath of the @Ripple / $XRP #troll Army: Biggest scripted talking point seems to be referring to $XRP #shitcoin as #Ripple (which is it's NAME Dumb Dumbs).
RT @BLOCKTVnews: #WEEKINREVIEW: "I'm not even sure why people consider Ripple a cryptocurrency...To me Ripple is just a stock of the Ripple…
In one hr, will be teaching the TD Sequential webinar. 33% register in the last 24 hours so here is your last chance to attend live:
Didn't get a chance to make a video today, have the TD webinar tomorrow and need to prep for the Saif vs Schiff debate for Monday... Will try and find time for a Trading #Bitcoin, but possible next one is Tuesday in the AM.
Huge Shout-Out to @maxkeiser & @stacyherbert of @KeiserReport for featuring my answer to "What is #Bitcoin?" to kick of Episode 4 of their #ToTheMoon series on @RT_com. #Unconfiscatable
Huge Shout-Out to @maxkeiser & @stacyherbert of @KeiserReport for featuring my answer to "What is #Bitcoin?" to kick of Episode 4 of their #ToTheMoon series on @RT_com. #Unconfiscatble
FLASHBACK: Here is one of my interviews right after the $BTCUSD 2015 low. A very depressing time in #bitcoin history and my views on current price action is not too different than back then:
DON'T MISS - @PeterSchiff vs @saifedean on Future of Central Banking, Sound/Hard Money, Roll/Need for the Fed & of course #Bitcoin vs #Gold as potential future global reserve asset. MONDAY 1PM ET on #ToneVays Youtube
WOW, this tweet actually aged pretty well now that @Poloniex has delisted the $DCR #Shitcoin/#Scamcoin as they try to be a legit exchange, don't even remember sending it so shout @_DatMine_ for the reminder! #Bitcoin == Decentralized/Trustless
RT @maxkeiser: My favorite TA @ToneVays looks at current #Bitcoin price and trends.
Trading #Bitcoin - $7k Holding on by a Thread, Charts look Bad, best case is a the correction I've talked about but looking like the $6k Flash Crash low wants to be challenged (Joined by @LucidInvestment)
How is it possible that @venzen, @LucidInvestment & of course myself have an investment/trading plan if we are incorrect on the Sub $2000 #Bitcoin expectation since January 2018 but YOU DON'T?
RT @Crypto_Potato: It didn't take so long, but yeah - @ToneVays was right! $BTC #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency
In markets, Price is King. Here is how to tell if the 20% Flash Crash was last night was a Bug / Error / Fake News Panic: "If #Bitcoin is trading under the Flash Crash low within a reasonable time period of say a week or two, then this drop was gonna happen anyway"
Trading #Bitcoin - 20% Drop in one day, Something or Nothing... will try and make it quick, It's Midnight & I should be sleeping. Daily TD 9 Sell called this one, those that trust the indicator, did well:
On the way back from the Russian Sauna, if only was home would be live right now. Might still go live in an hour or two once home... Crazy #Bitcoin drop going on, was hanging w/ @Joe_Saz & was telling him a few hours ago $BTCUSD about to "Puke Out. Lung"
ALL DAY at "Russian Bath House" at 88 Fulton St in Wall Street District. Come hang out and talk #Bitcoin for the post #Consensus2019 Detox. Venue Entry Fee of $50 + Food Drinks
Trading #Bitcoin w/ @LucidInvestment to talk him turning $BTCUSD Bullish & Going Long, I have a different take. Should be a great show! Also Join me Today "ALL DAY" at the "Wall Street Bathhouse" on Fulton St for post #Consensus2019 Detox:
Out for #Bitcoin #Carnivory lunch w/ @pierre_rochard & #BitcoinSignGuy, #Consensus2019 free food just didn't cut it :)
LIVE form #Consensus19 w/ @jimmysong to talk about his #Bitcoin vs #Ethereum bet w/ @ethereumJoseph, keep an eye on the $BTCUSD Charts & interview unsuspected victims walking by :)
RT @jpthor__: Bitcoin is currently in its buildup phase, slowly absorbing all fiat. It will emerge into being the World's singular SoV an…
RT @BLOCKTVnews: "Everything going on here just doesn't feel right. I don't see new buyers coming in. Whatever is driving this makes me ner…
"If u r going to quit your job & be a trader, u better have a year or 2 of back up salary. I took some risks & it's a miracle I made through the early days. RESPECT REALITY" -@PeterLBrandt w/ @TuurDemeester & @BitcoinLive1 #Consensus2019 #Bitcoin Meetup by @BobLoukas w/ @BigCheds
The line to get @jimmysong cryptographic signature for the Programing #Bitcoin Book is out the door! Maybe the Bull Market is Back!
I'm hosting post #Consensus2019 "Detox" at "The Russian Wall Street Bathhouse" NOON to 11pm Thurs 16th - NO RSVP or Sign Ups, just show up w/ a Hangover. Subject to Venue Fees & Capacity:
RT @JayCoDon: @MrHodl @coindesk Nah... We loved that interview! We just had a weird technical error. Watch the interview with @ToneVays and…
Trading #Bitcoin - Consolidation at the Top 'Statistically' only means one thing ---> Higher for Now, but I trust this rally about as far as I can throw a Whale... a Lightning Quick look at the charts:
Speaking at this event tonight then might join one of #Consensus2019 after parties... Time to get my #Bitcoin #Maximalist game on for @DiaryofaMadeMan @ItsMeOhHeyMatty & @badcrypto
LIVE from #Consensus2019 w/ @adam3us of @Blockstream, @jimmysong & @LeahWald to talk the latest #Bitcoin news & Price Action:
Come down to the Lobby - 1 floor (aka Basement or Concourse) to the Test Drive Room to watch presentation on setting up your #LiquidNetwork Node by @Blockstream w/ @LarryBitcoin & @adam3us #Bitcoin!
Thought on #LightningNetwork possible hacks by @BitcoinErrorLog
#LightningNetwork Panel: Q: "What's biggest s#Lightning misconception" -@JonathanMohan A: "Routing is complicated"-@Snyke "It's ONLY for Small #Bitcoin payments"-@pierre_rochard "U have to wait for @lightning to raise capacity"-@BitcoinErrorLog "Centralized & Permissioned"-@lopp
A few more words from @lopp on @CasaHODL #Bitcoin Nodes.
Final #LightningNetwork talk here by @lopp talking about @CasaHODL simplifying the #Bitcoin node process.
#LightningNetwork talks continue w/ @pierre_rochard at #consensus2019 #Construct room on the 4th Floor. Everyone should be here! Especially the people who have been lied to about #Lightning not being able to add Trustless Scaling & Privacy to #Bitcoin
The Scalability & Privacy advantages of #LightningNetwork by @Snyke at #Consensus2019 4th floor in the #Construct section!
In 5 min will kicking off #consensus2019 with @BitcoinErrorLog as we are interviewed by @coindesk's @pete_rizzo_ ASK QUESTIONS #CoindeskLive
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