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RT @FinSummit: And after over 10 hours of game time, at 7am. @Sawcruhteez beats @ToneVays with a Flush on the River Card! Epic pocket game…
RT @FinSummit: It is now 6am local & it is down to TWO from 20... both @Sawcruhteez & @ToneVays have to teach at 10am but here they are..…
RT @FinSummit: The game started at 9pm it's now 2am, workshops begging at 10am... the even has crushed expectations & this poker game w/ @T…
The @FinSummit has crushed expectation already, if only @LucidInvestment was here☹️the Twitter/Youtube break is great Yes, I'll stream w/ @venzen @woonomic @Sawcruhteez @Davincij15 @UglyOldGoat1 @LeahWaldd, but for now, i released Sep 7th AMA, it was good:
RT @woonomic: @FinSummit @ToneVays @venzen @UglyOldGoat1 @Joe_Saz @LeahWald @Sawcruhteez
RT @FinSummit: The @FinSummit has kicked off with @ToneVays teaching Intro to TA with @woonomic @venzen @UglyOldGoat1 @Joe_Saz @LeahWald @S…
This is great info @Travis_Kling but I have a problem with saying $GBP is 300 years old. If you find a 50 year old Pound Paper Bill it is worthless as that paper has been canceled many time in that 300 yrs. $USD on the other hand has never been canceled. Now think aboutb$BTC :)
RT @BLOCKTVnews: Yo, just because @ToneVays didn't fuckin' stab Craig Wright doesn't mean they love each other, chill out. Check out the f…
RT @tripledirk: @SimonDixonTwitt @Nouriel @brockpierce @bobbyclee @ToneVays Very good video with a lot or valuable information. Looking for…
RT @SimonDixonTwitt: My response after watching the @Nouriel @brockpierce @bobbyclee @ToneVays & Craig S. Wright panel debate. https://t.c…
My response after watching the @Nouriel @brockpierce @bobbyclee @ToneVays & Craig S. Wright panel debate.
SORRY but Interview w/ @KimDotcom is postponed for a week or two. Off to Bali for @FinSummit but so many back to back events in EU + CSW insanity... Mentally & Physically Exhausted, $BTC update then might not stream or look at Twitter for a week or so:
This is the real story behind the Networking pics of me near Craig S. Wright... Crypto Twitter is such a cesspool taking images out context!
Here is the infamous panel w/ @Nouriel @brockpierce @bobbyclee & the now self admitted "FakeToshi" Craig S. Wright. - I must say Bobby was Brilliant vs Roubini - Nouriel 'admmited' #Bitcoin $BTC has some store of value 😁.. Baby Steps 👍
Boy I wish I was on that panel. Here’s what I would have tried to express
RT @swissborg: 👀Watch this explosive 💣💥panel where @ToneVays & others in the audience question Craig Wright & he fights back at #CCForum in…
Tomorrow! I plan to interview @KimDotcom for #OnTheRecord about his new #Crypro / #Bitcoin project BUT I don't want to spend time taking about his past w/ Mega Uploads & US Legal Case that @IvanOnTech covered beautifuly. SO MUST WATCH BEFOREHAND:
So CSW "FakeToshi" just admitted on stage that Satoshi plagiarized his paper from 2008 that the university is not releasing until he wins the court case 😂. * I'm sure someone has the video
I don't know who took this picture but thank you! Please come find me at the conference today, I have a solo presentation around 4pm it will be good
RT @CCNMarkets: Epic On-Stage ‘Satoshi T-Shirt’ Trolling of Craig Wright Earns Community Praise
RT @laBITconf: #LaBitconf2019 #Speakers🗣 @ToneVays is a content creator, trader & consultant. He has been very active in spreading the imp…
#Bitcoin Brief w/ @jimmysong & @giacomozucco (maybe) to talk Congressman suggesting @Libra_ use $BTC, nonce of Unhackable exchanges on $ETH / $NEO, Wind Power Mining & Stock to Flow Valuation + some CSW Trolling😎
And now it's time for a debate on the history of the planet between a Flat Earther @rogerkver pushing $BCH #BCash vs Creationist @Nouriel calling all crypto Scams (I actually agree w/him on 99% & wish he understood #Bitcoin value proposition)
JUST ARRIVED, not as good as the original but on a 24 hr notice it's better than nothing, the panel is in 30 min but come get your shirt, we only have 30 or so. * But you have to wear it during the panel & rest of the day! #bitcoin
At @ForumChallenge listening to Vinay Gupta talk about #Blockchain for Colectables. It really takes me back to one of my favorite interviews by @junseth & DeRose on #Bitcoin Uncensored:
So to all the fool writing about this as clearly there is no actual news in Crypto Land. Ask yourself this question & keep in mind you are busy all day every day: "How much would your charge to talk to people you don't know about something that's important to them & not you?"
1/2 - For the slow people on Crypto Twitter, looks like i have to explain: --- "I never bothered to look at ANY 'recent' FACTS why the earth is NOT FLAT as I did not expect to end up in a flat earth debate on a 24hr notice" --- And as you all know my time is worth 0.3 btc/hr
2/2 - 0.3 btc/hr rate has taken "out of context" to another level FACKTS 1. Was put in at start of year, $BTC was $3k then I forgot about it. 2. I use it as a spam filter to get rid of people I don't actually want to talk to 3. No one has paid yet, but I'm available within 24hrs
RT @HeyTaiZen: @ToneVays @magicalcrypto POS hypocrites @SatoshiLite @excellion @WhalePanda & @fluffypony tell their viewers ETH & ICOs are…
1. I DO NOT have a speaking fee for events, at best I just get my expenses covered. 2. My 0.3 $BTC/hr rate is meant for corporate consulting where u get a bunch of managers in a conference room to understand IF they need a Blockchain.
RT @BitMEXResearch: (1/13) Craig Wright is speaking at @ForumChallenge this week in London, in a session entitled “What was your purpose as…
I made a pledge to boycut @magicalcrypto because I find the concept of a #Bitcoin conference by shitcoiners hypocritical. But I have NO PROBLEM defending $BTC against scammers on the same stage. Me NOT going only hurts attendees. No one has to attended to watch
In London & learned Roger Ver was replaced by Faketoshi on our panel w/ @Nouriel @brockpierce & @bobbyclee at @ForumChallenge 😂 BUT I have a solo on day 2 & besides explaining why $BCH & $BSV are scams, please send in your best CSW is Satoshi Meems for my Presentation😎
If anyone in London owns the following Shirt & can give it to me Tuesday before the event, I will GLADLY wear it both days. I had no idea he was on my panel till late last night in Romania
I just checked the speaker list again and I do NOT see a single person representing #Bitcoin. @adam3us obviously pulled out & i'm sure a few more did to... this is it, i'm the last Maxi standing, I will do the best I can to speak sense to the crowd
No offense, but this panel is terrible. If you wanna have Bobby, Tone and Brock thats one thing, but why Craig and Nouriel together? I heard Nouriel speak and when its not about Bitcoin, its pretty good, but Craig is just a dumb ass.
Trading #Bitcoin w/ @DominicFrisby - Quick look at $BTC Charts form Cluj Airport on way to London for @ForumChallenge
Going on stage right after @giacomozucco at @tcconf_ro to take about #Shitcoins & why they will all die, as #Bitcoin heads back to 99% dominance:
LIVE from @tcconf_ro w/ @adam3us, @giacomozucco & if I can find them @peterktodd @BitcoinErrorLog & @DominicFrisby to talk #Bitcoin ... Yes will also cover $BTC as that's all most people want to watch these days 😎
LIVE Day 2 at @tcconf_ro talking #Bitcoin & Sidechains w/ @giacomozucco, @adam3us & more hosted by @MadBitcoins w/ coverage by @WorldCryptoNet
RT @FinSummit: Registration for this year's #FinSummit in Bali is officially closed, due to high demand it is very likely the next one will…
What a slow news day in #Bitcoin that my over a yr old LnkedIn about pg is story of the day😂 And why is @CCNMarkets publishing articles? Didn't u go out of business? I'm a profitable content creator, happy to help at my public rate
RT @BloxliveTV: During the @Futurist_conf interview with @infin8mindst8, @ToneVays also highlighted the areas where #Bitcoin is still strug…
About two or three years ago I made the argument on video that #Ethereum is a bigger 'scam' than #Bitconnect for this very reason. Wish I could find the Clip but I make too much content, this might have been back in the @WorldCryptoNet days.
Great presentation at @tcconf_ro by @DominicFrisby on first money being mud/clay & the future of #Bitcoin in that evolution. Up next @peterktodd, watch LIVE:
RT @BloxliveTV: Here are the three points that allow #Bitcoin to compete today, according to @ToneVays, who spoke with @infin8mindst8 at th…
RT @tcconf_ro: Live link to #tcconf19
Trading #Bitcoin - Was this just a $1,000 Dead Cat Bounce?
Looks like @CFTC has just failed the IQ test. Oh well, guess they will learn the hard way when $ETH just stops functioning due to inability to scale or is running on a single centralized server.
Say I wanted to target a person's Bitcoin address. I can craft a hard fork that only gives a small amount (say 1 unit) to myself and a much larger amount (say 1M units) to that address. If I control an exchange and trade my 1 unit for $100 and that person now has a $100M "income"
I was making fun of this as well Jimmy, but this can still be interpreted as when THAT person split his key and recorded your fork on the Blockchain, not when you created the fork.
Trading #Bitcoin - Big Pump Today. Still a dead cat bounce or is the Dip In? Let's see what the $BTC charts say:
Thank you for being the biggest #Bitcoin Maximalist on the planet IRS 😂. This encourages you to hold your own keys & makes sure $BTC hodler that don't, dump those scammy Hard Forks like #BCash within the same calendar year! 👍
Bitconneeeeect!!! 😂😂😂
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