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Let's jump from one of my favorite artists at Burning Man to another! Here's The Head Maze by Matthew Schultz and his team. #Headmaze #burningman #industwetrust #burningman2019
Now that I'm back home in New Zealand and getting all my photos organized after 5 months of nonstop travel, this is one of my favorite sculptures called "Broken Together," another genius art piece from my friend Michael Benisty. #brokentogether #burningman #industwetrust
On the blog: I decided to write this article because I found a really interesting guy to interview about this subject-matter! "3 Essential Tips For Making It As A Celebrity Photographer" https://stuckincustoms.com/2019/10/18/3-essential-tips-for-making-it-as-a-celebrity-photographer/
A little photo-trivia for you... can you guess where this photo was taken? I've done over 50 talks where I ask the audience where it was taken... and no one has ever gotten it! However, this is the internet that I'm asking now... so you probably know, internet-person!
No idea, but that photo is rad as hell.
On the blog: The Amazing Organ at Notre-Dame in Montreal https://stuckincustoms.com/2019/10/16/the-amazing-organ-at-notre-dame-in-montreal/
Now that I'm back in New Zealand after the Africa trip, I've been getting all digitally organized and updating my online portfolios. One I just finished updating is my "Awesome Earth People" that has photos of people from all around the world. https://stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/Portraits-and-People/i-G8WfjCP/A
Luminar 4 is now ready for pre-order with AI Sky Replacement as one of the new features. Below is a picture I took of those famous Baobab trees I visited last week in Madagascar. Boring sky to cool sky in a few clicks! Grab it here: https://stuckincustoms.com/links/luminar4
On the blog: Amazing Museum Show in Montreal https://stuckincustoms.com/2019/10/14/amazing-museum-show-in-montreal/
@StephenAtHome Hey - you're in Queenstown New Zealand - my home! Come on over to my art studio... It's European-style (clothing optional).
A mother and her son walk to a local festival in Zimbabwe.
This is the wife of a local fisherman in Morondava, Madagascar. I've never been to a place where they cover their faces with yellow-golden paint. The main reason they do it is to protect their faces from the sun, but it also helps to accentuate their features.
Here's another one of these cool kids I found on the beach... I probably took photos of at least 100 of them so far here in Madagascar. The people here have a bit of a different "look" than many other African countries. There's almost a bit of "Asian" somewhere in the gene pool.
Most groups of people you see in Africa have a few kids. The kids always run up to me and then I take off my headphones and put it on them. They go crazy and dance like nuts, then start passing them around. The whole family is delighted, and that gives me time to take their pics.
Africa has some of the cutest and sassiest kids in the world! They dance and pose and play and tease... so animated! And then when they see you with a camera, they really turn it up to 11! We found these kids on the beach playing while walking into town one evening.
Here's the famous Victoria Falls, which separates Zambia from Zimbabwe. It's considered the "largest" waterfall because of it's combined width and height... which means it's the biggest "sheet" of waterfall in the world.
A lot of the women here in the fishing towns of Madagascar paint their faces a bit as decoration but mostly to protect it from the sun... since they spend the entire day outside.
Every morning around 6 AM, hundreds of fishing boats head out across the Mozambique Straits. A lot of them are manned just by groups of teenagers. They start to bring in the fish around noon and take them to sell in the local street markets.
Lemur Party! I spent a few days hopping around the forests of Madagascar with lemurs. I actually didn't know there were like over 10 kinds of lemurs. There might have been more - I wasn't really listening. This one is either called the white lemur or the polar bear lemur...maybe.
This has been an amazing workshop... wish you were here! We take little planes like this from camp to camp. We don't have any more Africa trips available, but if you want to come to New Zealand for the workshop next year, come check it out at https://stuckincustoms.com/new-zealand-photo-adventure
Baboons are everywhere around here and they are all fun to watch. Crazy and unpredictable. We're here on this workshop (I know you missed this one, but come to the one in New Zealand in April) - and the women in the group are told not to walk alone or else the baboons may pounce!
Here's a panorama made out of about 10 photos in Botswana. We waited out by a watering hole for a little over an hour as almost 60-70 different groups walked by I think the full rez on is a bit over 20,000 pixels across. I can hang out and watch elephants all day! 🙂
A grandmother came to perform a dance along with her family. After the dance, they let me take photos of the whole troupe.
School kids in northern Zimbabwe, Africa.
It's easy being cute. Zimbabwe, Africa.
Down in the gorge, women and their daughters come out every day to do laundry. They have to walk miles through the sand to go to and fro. I saw almost 100 of them carrying a ton of weight on their heads. These were some of the happiest people in the world, especially the kids!
We visited an amazing local festival in a remote area of Zimbabwe near Chilo Gorge and had a lot of time to hang out with these children. Here's a photo of a group of kids that came out for the event. All the local tribes get together for a huge celebration a few times a year.
Here's my friend Rene jumping from rock to rock along cliffs in Zimbabwe. This is near the burial grounds of Cecil Rhodes. Rene was not very interested in that, so he decided to climb rocks and jump from one to the next. He loves climbing stuff..That's just how he is. 🙂
Visiting a small village near the Save River/Chilo Gorge in Zimbabwe.
You wanted to see more of me and Rene wearing our matching suits at Burning Man? Well here ya go! haha... I'm headed to Johannesburg for one night before forging on to Madagascar. Does anyone know where Africa Burn is? Is it closer to Joberg or Cape Town?
I'm headed to Johannesburg with some friends that want to try DMT - send me a DM :) -T
Elephants are my favorite animals! I went out on a boat along a river in the Okavango Delta and saw this family out having some water after a long walk. This is the time of year that all the animals come to the same location as the water dries up.
On the blog: Textures of the Li River https://stuckincustoms.com/2019/09/27/textures-of-the-li-river/
I'm visiting a bunch of small villages all over Africa. Just a few days ago, I was in a tiny village in Zimbabwe and there were a ton of adorable kids. Here's a cute little girl wearing a shirt that says, "Love is Colourful."
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Here are the baby lion cubs I mentioned before. Sadly their brother and sister were just killed by hyenas.
On the blog: The Public Library in Boston and my latest podcast. This week features Dr. David Sands talking about the wonders of zinc. https://stuckincustoms.com/2019/09/21/the-public-library-in-boston/
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They call the lion the "King of the Jungle" but I don't know why because they don't live in jungles. This "King of the Jungle" fact was one of the only facts I knew about lions and it turns out to not even be true at all.
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One of my favorite things about Africa is I get to ask the guide all kinds of dumb questions about animals. I'm honestly amazed about how dumb I am about basic stuff. Like, for example, did you know giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their spines as other mammals?
Yesterday we spent most of the day tracking a male lion and finally found him… as you can see, he was acting rather majestic!
On the blog: Incredible Boston and the Paramount Theater https://stuckincustoms.com/2019/09/16/incredible-boston-and-the-paramount-theater/
The Mayan Warrior rolls across the desert every night with thousands of lasers... beckoning all of us under its spell. We swarm to it like remora on a shark! 🙂 #burningman #industwetrust #burningman2019
On the night of the temple burn, about 80k people ride their bikes out across the desert at sunset to await the final inferno. It's quite the somber night. people leave things in the temple as a symbol of letting things go and it's quite a transformative experience. #burningman
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