1887 letter from Parisian artists protesting the Eiffel Tower: "imagine for a moment a giddy, ridiculous tower dominating Paris like a gigantic black smokestack, crushing under its barbaric bulk ... all of our humiliated monuments".
ETH/BTC pair is now at around the same price as when I published it.
On @bitcoinkn episode 260 @saifedean discusses time preference & its influence on civilization through history. Thoughts on time preference & #Bitcoin? How has it affected you? šŸ§ @TuurDemeester @bitstein @APompliano @lopp @CaitlinLong_ @adam3us @nvk @NickSzabo4 @giacomozucco
@CaitlinLong_ @adam3us @nvk @NickSzabo4 @giacomozucco Bitcoin lowered my time preference and has prevented me from buying a real lambo.
2.5 years ago I published "Why Iā€™m short Ethereum (and long Bitcoin)". Interesting to look back, I still stand behind the majority of arguments.
We've come a long way. Target of 80% seems reasonable.
Bitcoin dominance at highest level in 2 years. (I agree it's a crappy metric, but still use it because it gives a quick overview)
Converter tool is so vintage that it still only features BTC, LTC, and DOGE. I use it all the time.
RT @vaneck_us: #Stablecoins have burst onto the #cryptocurrency scene. CEO @JanvanEck3 and @gaborgurbacs explore where they came from and tā€¦
RT @jimmysong: Fun panel with @maxkeiser and @TuurDemeester at @bitcoin2019conf :
RT @jimmysong: Fun panel with @maxkeiser and @TuurDemeester at @bitcoin2019conf :
Fun panel with @maxkeiser and @TuurDemeester at @bitcoin2019conf :
RT @ChristopherA: We (@BlockchainComns) are preparing for the release of a 176-page book on #SmartCustody. We are seeking financial supportā€¦
RT @BobMcElrath: Want to learn more about bitcoin mining? This is a great place to start:
As the bull market continues, expect more imposters on all online channels. Please beware.
"The hedge-fund managers we spoke to leaned toward the theory that Epstein was running a blackmail scheme under the cover of a hedge fund."
Source of quote: amonds-today-2019-07-15/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab7e&linkId=70544238
Comprehensive Epstein bail hearing thread:
RT @BobMcElrath: For those that haven't seen @jackMallers excellent talk on bitcoin derivatives, (a little hard to find due to the offset iā€¦
RT @mrtn_dvd: 3/ The current multi-month rally in #digitalassets is different than 2017, with #Altcoins trailing in relative performance, @ā€¦
Turing complete new 50 quid
Great British Pound (GBP) now more Turing complete than #Bitcoin?
Put ... put it in an ERC20 wrapper
As an aside, it was amusing to see the YouTube comments on the livestream turn into a crypto trollbox...
OH: "Mnuchin just told baby boomers that it's OK to buy bitcoin, since it will be regulated well, and is akin to moneygram, paypal etc."
RT @hgruschinski: For the 3rd time in BTC's history the 200 DMA is overtaking the 350 DMA signaling with even more certainty the beginningā€¦
Cryptocurrency window of the q&a is now over. No surprises imo, except the comment that Libra has "a long way to go" in alleviating regulatory concerns.
wow. @stevenmnuchin1 says just said "i'm not speaking on the investment merits of bitcoin, and using it for speculation. i am speaking on stopping illicit financial activity." "this is a non-political situation." my jaw is on the floor! šŸ‘€
Do you think he owns btc? I heard a couple years ago about a prominent US politician who told family and friends to buy and said "it's going to $500k".
In 15 minutes
RT @jposhaughnessy: A @WSJ article featuring @ChrisMeredith23's paper and a look at how the tops names have changed:ā€¦
Great thread for traders:
RT @PhilipLiu: Takeaway on the SEC/FINRA joint statement: #Blockchains without the ability to reverse fraudulent or erroneous transactionsā€¦
Cost of attack, from
Vitalik proposes to store Ethereum blockchain data on Bitcoin Cash. Terrible idea imo: nobody uses BCash and it has the same mining algo as Bitcoin, making it extremely vulnerable to 51% attacks.
Shouldn't you be busy asking us challenge questions on the research AMA ?
RT @AaronvanW: Besides Schnorr/Taproot, another potential upcoming Bitcoin soft fork upgrade is SIGHASH_NOINPUT (BIP by @Snyke) or the simiā€¦
RT @TuurDemeester: "Compared to the resilientĀ soldiers, those who developed PTSD were much more likely to have suffered emotional problemsā€¦
"Compared to the resilientĀ soldiers, those who developed PTSD were much more likely to have suffered emotional problems and traumatic events prior to deployment. Childhood experiences of violence... actually predicted the onset of PTSD in these soldiers."
A couple years ago I spent several months figuring out and describing what happened in the US around 1980. Unfortunately it has more than just economic implications. If you want to read more about it, see
Because the phenomenon of (mostly young) professionals trying to get market rate for their work was novel, a name was invented for it: "Yuppies." The reason that seems an obsolete 80s word now is that we don't need a word for it now; now we take it for granted.
I wonder: if a given "iconic" artist had not written his top 5 hits, would some of the other songs have grown to be much more popular? - that would validate the thesis that popularity is also about what an artist stands for. E.g. Bowie minus these songs:
With August coming up, @JohnSpall247 just reminded me to review this chart of seasonal BTC price performance:
Afaik this is the first time a seating US president has publicly opined on Bitcoin.
RT @CNBCFastMoney: Here's what @cremedelacrypto says is the key to the next leg of the crypto rally
Imo Texas is primed to become a global hub for Bitcoin mining. Low taxes, oceans of cheap & clean energy, and open market of private providers. (Liquid cooling compensates for the hot climate.)
TIL Flemish mathematician Simon Stevin (1548-1620) preferred Dutch over Latin, because "more concepts could be indicated with monosyllabic words than in any of the European languages". He invented the Dutch word for mathematicsā€”"wiskunde", meaning "the art of what is certain".
I like and own gold as an investment, but images like this makes me want to see its value drop down to mere industrial utility.
Original 2017 thread:
Method: search github for words "ethereum" & "bitcoin", then chart the number of results (repositories) per year. Credit goes to @Bitcom21. (With all caveats of course, this measure is gameable and it doesn't distinguish between high or low quality of code/project.)
Ethereum's "market share" vs Bitcoin, jumped to 53% in 2018 and is now at 50%.
Proxy for #Bitcoin vs #Ethereum developer activity ('19 results up to July 9 annualized)
Interesting double top + dead cat bounce parallels in the ETH/BTC chart
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