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RT @robep00: This! this, this.... How come this is not industry standard by now!?!? I blame the North American banks. Most scandinavian/bal…
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RT @alistairmilne: To those that think Bitcoin's inflationary schedule is less effective with time ... At current values (~$8200), 2020's…
OH: Houston's startup ecosystem is vibrant and underreported, because many entrepreneurs find immediate market match (e.g. oil & gas industry) and no VC firms are needed.
This book is packed with insights, I'm finding it very helpful for my own healing.
G7 report: "Investigating the impact of global stablecoins" HT @aleksanderbere
Some of the tables in the G7 Stablecoin report:
RT @TuurDemeester: "By lowering counterparty and regime risk, Bitcoin enables the acquisition of property rights at a much lower cost." - @…
He's talking about how investments are discounted for political risk, e.g. an acre of farmland in Argentina, or a silver mine in Greece, both will be discounted against their US or Canadian equivalents. Bitcoins held in pol. volatile countries like that will need lower discounts.
"By lowering counterparty and regime risk, Bitcoin enables the acquisition of property rights at a much lower cost." - @TraceMayer
Source: HT @parkeralewis
"Nobody is more short dollar than the US government." - @LukeGromen
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It seems trivial perhaps, but this is the semantic evolution that will indicate wider acceptance of Bitcoin as a protocol stack, i.e. as the internet of finance.
Rule based interventionism is a contradiction in terms.
RT @etiennexyz: @TuurDemeester @paulg Or the taxes could subsidied the school fee and offer free education like in the Nordics. 🤷‍♂️
Lightning is coming
I was explaining to someone from Ireland how American university admissions work, and I was embarrassed to have to admit that rich parents could buy their kids places with big donations. It seems even seedier when you explain it to someone from another country.
Couldn't one argue that those donations enable scholarships which otherwise wouldn't be available? I see the same happen at otherwise invite only conferences, where a limited number of paying guests is allowed in.
RT @DigitalAssets: “It's not going away. As long as the value is there, people will look to preserve that value." @Fidelity CEO Abby Johnso…
$104B in QE just today... that's 87% of Bitcoin's loss adjusted market cap.
Lessons from a Bitcoin OG (thread)
yes, @BIS_org, bitcoin has failed. please spend all of your time regulating stablecoins, we'll see you in ten years.
saying it's so doesn't make it so
RT @DeribitInsights: The idea of sidechains has promised scalability, finality, privacy, and richer state to Bitcoin users. This promise la…
RT @TuurDemeester: Thiel backed $200M cap mining startup: "The future of Bitcoin mining lies in Texas." https://t.c…
Thiel backed $200M cap mining startup: "The future of Bitcoin mining lies in Texas."
RT @Excellion: At the #LiquidNetwork Federation Meeting, @bitfinex CTO @paoloardoino said: “We believe Liquid will be one of the most used…
From its 2018 annual report:
Stock in Belgian "bad bank" Dexia has since May 23 2007 declined by exactly 99.99%. It's about to be delisted. HT @maartenverheyen
Corollary: estimating a blockchain's (lack of) reliance on trust is a better valuation metric than estimating its decentralization.
I would pay a hefty ticket price for a single day conference featuring three crypto polymaths on the same stage for 100% of programming. My conference choice: Long form debate @VitalikButerin @NickSzabo4 Moderator and translator @naval Who would you pick?
Panel: Nick Szabo, Adam Back, and Greg Maxwell. Topic: next 10 years for Bitcoin custody, smart contracts, and derivatives.
RT @TamasBlummer: I published: New coins dilute purchasing power of bitcoin holders to the extent that their production is profitable. http…
Also from their update:
Caution appears to be the prevailing market sentiment:
iPhone 1 and iPhone 11 Pro cameras.
technological darwinism
40°C = 104°F
RT @ansonurpants: @TuurDemeester @NickSzabo4 @BobMcElrath I guess once a coin has become centralized, it's no longer competing against Bitc…
I found #ElCamino forgettable. Unrealistic writing and pretty shallow characters, construed to provide artificial tension & humiliation in service of Jesse Pinkman's role of emasculated badass. Excellent acting by Aaron Paul & Jesse Plemons didn't save a weak script.
RT @TamasBlummer: I just published Bitcoin’s storage cost
RT @BobMcElrath: The graveyard of ASIC resistance: Scrypt (Bitmain L-series) X11 (BitmainD-series) X13-15 (Baikal Mini) Ethash (Innosilicon…
RT @notgrubles: We're heard this before with ETC (the original chain, btw). What is likely to happen to the ETH 2 chain is exchanges listin…
Dutch Central Bank: "If the whole system collapses, the gold reserve can serve as collateral to start from scratch."
TIL that "Good Will Hunting" is likely based on the life story of early 20th century child prodigy William James Sidis. Matt Damon never confirmed the link, possibly because "based on a true story" films are less marketable than original screenplays.
RT @stephendpalley: Here, hiring a white shoe firm and calling something an ecosystem doesn't stop the SEC from going after you. Similar t…
RT @jb55: It's harder to run an email node than a Bitcoin node because they failed to model adversarial actors when designing the protocol.…
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