RT @samuelwoolley: Gotta be honest, I’m pretty impressed with @Twitter @yoyoel @nickpickles for continuing to publically share data-sets on…
Tech companies like @Twitter & @facebook have made significant changes to defuse disinformation, but other stakeholders matter: http://defusingdis.info What have media companies done? What journalists have adjusted, & how? What politicians changed, & how? https://twitter.com/davidcorndc/status/1175469702962769921?s=21
RT @BinanceAmerica: Our @Twitter feed is looking a bit quiet! Tag your favourite #Crypto Twitter & @YouTube personalities so we can show…
RT @dnvolz: Interesting to see @Twitter debunking viral misinformation directly via its curated news section. This never would have happene…
RT @dnvolz: Interesting to see @Twitter debunking viral misinformation directly via its curated news section. This never would have happene…
Some @Twitter advice 1 do not respond to negativity 2 give without expecting get 3 do not nitpick as hobby 4 create personal learning network 5 promote others good work 6 do not try to sell, instead educate 7 tone of voice matters 8 connect people 9 choose kind over clever 10 ⬇️
Your personal brand = digital footprint + digital exhaust Digital exhaust = content that speaks to your character: EQ + IQ + LQ (intelligence + emotional + love) quotients
Before I respond to someone on @Twitter, I check their stream to understand their tone, sentiment and engagement motivation. If I see any indication of trolling, negativity, overselling, misinformation or inappropriate content, I will not engage. Your digital exhaust matters.
When @sajaHQ was born 25yrs ago, this was impossible. Live TV while flying at 35K didn’t exist. @JetBlue, @Twitter didn’t exist. And no way a brown man & black woman would be anchoring flagship @SportsCenter. What a long way we’ve come, @KNegandhiESPN @sagesteele 🙌🏾 #saja25
As the director of @knightcolumbia notes, politicians or officials who use a new @Twitter feature to hide @ replies are suppressing speech, & therefore would be violating the First Amendment if that suppression were viewpoint-based. Context: https://e-pluribusunum.org/2018/05/23/federal-judge-rules-public-officials-blocking-the-public-on-twitter-violates-the-first-amendment/ cc @jack https://twitter.com/jameeljaffer/status/1175109878878277642
Yay @Twitter workers for climate action! Also @wordpress @kickstarter for supporting
San Francisco students+kids are out in massive numbers to #ClimateStrike Techies @Uber @Twitter and other Market St co’s now’s your chance to step out & support support!
RT @benimmo: BREAKING: @Twitter just announced a whole batch more takedowns. Including: Saud al-Qahtani Fake accounts run by Partido Pop…
RT @SanilCO: Can anyone @Twitter @TwitterSupport @verified explain how verification actually works? How are accounts like @testpulkit1 and…
Known these 3 about 12yrs. With all their success they haven't changed much nor aged apparently. @fffabulous product @photobucket , @jess when she started @Twitter & @kraneland when he started @GVteam. If you get a chance to have them invest. Do it.
@GVteam The Chairman is a great name for a food truck btw
@GVteam Ha. Just saw that. And how apropos that it's directly over @kraneland
@GVteam This message was brought to you by @LiquidDeath
@Twitter is the only social network that connects people over ideas rather than over pre-existing relationships. —@naval
This message from @Twitter re iMessage + SMS posting errors just popped up; required acknowledgement.
🤔 @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack I'm struggling to understand why Twitter wont allow us test promoted tweets from @thepepoapp - is not ICO, not investment, IS app w/ embedded crypto-microtxs. @CashApp has crypto tx, would you ban @sqcrypto @cashapp from running Twitter ads?
Today, @YouTube emailed me & informed me I no longer met their criteria for verification: https://youtube-creators.googleblog.com/2019/09/updates-to-youtubes-verification-program.html?m=1 I’ve appealed their decision. @Google verified me on @GooglePlus, years ago, but times change. (TBD if & when @Twitter overhauls its own system for @verified users.)
Yooo @Twitter ...I’m baccckk 😎😎 catching up on all the tweets I missed the past few months. Thankful for all the luv n support 🙏🏿
UPDATE: The tweet has been removed -- not sure if by twitter or by the user https://twitter.com/w_terrence/status/1173743104098209792
RT @SPMiles42: During the Israeli elections, @facebook twice had the courage to suspend Netanyahu’s account. Will @Twitter show the same re…
Despite its limitations, @Snapchat’s library is an important step forward. Unlike @Google, Snapchat is disclosing issue ads. Unlike @Twitter, Snapchat is disclosing more than the past 7 days of ads. Unlike @facebook, Snapchat is disclosing targeting information. Kudos, @Snap!
It’s crucial to note that this uneven state of play in online political ad transparency is not an accident, nor that it has to stay this way. It's the result of tech companies lobbying of these companies against regulation & legislation, & this @SenateMajLdr blocking reforms.
@senatemajldr Self-regulation is not enough. The United States should be leading the world, not leaving it to technology companies to decide where, when and how they’ll inform the public, press, regulators and legislators about how power and influence is being wielded on their platforms.
While the ads I reviewed have disclaimers, the archived creative doesn't link to disclosures about buyers. @Snapchat's archive doesn't have a public page for each entity that buys a political ads. (It should!) Instead, you have to download & sort the spreadsheet, as I did.
To its credit, @Snap disclosed the file as #opendata, published a detailed FAQ, detailed its political ad policies, & linked to its transparency report. But at launch, the @Snapchat ad archive is notably less sophisticated & robust than that of @facebook, @Twitter or @Google.
Notes for political media: $18,529: the amount @ewarren's campaign has spent on @Snapchat in 2019 – the most of any presidential campaign. @PeteButtigieg has spent $6750. Other Democratic campaigns… aren't spending. The Trump campaign has spent $2182 to promote a truncated video
Opening Statement from @nickpickles, Public Policy Director, @Twitter before @SenateCommerce @commercedems hearing hearing on Violence, Extremism & Digital Responsibility. Watch full video here: https://cs.pn/2O6aFtB
It’s all about the details. Now you can rearrange your photos while writing a Tweet.
When we founded @sajaHQ 25 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined this scene: Two South Asians, @SabrinaSiddiqui and @anitakumar01, discussing presidential politics on CNN w/ @jimsciutto.🙌🏾 Come celebrate our progress at #SAJA25 conf and gala on Sat, Oct 5: http://bit.ly/saja25
im tweeting some drafts
anyone got a charger?
Retweet for night mode Like for day mode
New episode of Mystery Tech just dropped which explains EVERYTHING…or this tweet at least https://twitter.com/austinnotduncan/status/1158792176005869569
"The thing that I admire about you, Todd, is that you haven't posted any 'fish tube' tweets." - you guys
No we're definitely waiting for one
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This is a real USB Enter button and I'm using it to tweet this right now.
When you know you have a big Tweet on your hands
Take a breather, we’ll still be here
its = it owns it it’s = it is It’s easy! 💙, Twitter
10 days. 40 cities. Virtual #Tweetups are happening around the world. Join us and follow the convo! http://sharedstudios.com/tweetups
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🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤 🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤 🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤 🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤 🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤
🔤 needs our love. Twitter, do your thing https://twitter.com/leastUsedEmoji/status/1151465180146130944
Love u, @ABCNetwork 🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤
Woah, what’s this? A shiny new https://Twitter.com for desktop? Yup. IT’S HERE.
Ready for more customization? Now you can pick which lists will appear and pin them. Just don’t let your lists know you’re playing favorites. 🤫
RT if you say ‘RT’ in real life
You can only follow one person. Who is it?
Sorry we can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the Tweet.
One of the minor ways that Twitter has ruined my brain is that I now take perverse pleasure in showing someone who doesn't use Twitter that the brilliant joke they just came up with was already posted in September 2015 by a college student from Wisconson with 53 followers.
Social experiment: If you come across this Tweet, you’re in the real social experiment
A little birdie told me...
You’re better than your drafts
*ding ding ding* https://twitter.com/schiggy/status/1140272015150080000
In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a dad joke: Why did the little bird get in trouble in school?
If you’re reading this Tweet you’re running late
The best twitter thread has happened. https://twitter.com/sixthformpoet/status/1137658720698228736
Thread(s)! Don't forget parts 2 and 3
What’s it called when you like someone’s tweet to subtly remind them to reply to your email? ;)
There should be a word for this
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I'd like a fast an easy way to copy the link to a tweet. It's getting harder and harder with each update.
FYI: there IS an edit button. (In your brain)
Tweet an emoji you’ve never used before
To the moms we have, moms we’ve lost, and the moms we’ve chosen. #HappyMothersDay
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