One of my favorite firesad chats in awhile with @tyrabanks . Hope you check it out and fires you up for Monday
If you were @idriselba, would you rather be Batman or James Bond?
Well, I can’t do hair, sooo...
And if you don’t know, now you know!
All aspiring MODELS need to watch this and learn!
I’ve dedicated an entire page on my website to fan art, head over to and prepare to be delighted! Thank you @ogkkai for these gorgeous images #BanX
Have you seen the @BH90210 teaser trailer? I love marketing and gotta admit, it’s clever as hell! Watch! - see you there 💛
Thank you to everyone who made this day possible! BanX is here!
Happy Mother’s Day! This Mother’s Day, show a Mama how much she matters. To honor her, donate & help guarantee safe motherhood for every Mana, everywhere. 💛
Special shout out to the team who curated and captured this dope look I’m calling #TyHighWaistedness @stylistjbolin @anrfashion @MoStoryteller
Shooting this S.I. cover has been the hardest secret to keep! Read about why I decided to come out of retirement and who BanX is! Thanks @jamberstar for sharing my story within those glossy pages!
Some say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” After reading this article, you may feel a thousand words is worth a picture.
This is for everybody that has been told that they are not good enough because of their body, their age, their everything. #BanX is here to tell you that you ARE friggin’ fierce no matter what anybody says! Drop mic now! @SI_Swimsuit 2019
You are welcome, boo. And your tweet made ME smile. 💛
The #LavaWalk turned into the #LavaTALK. I interviewed @catrionaelisa for @vmagazine. On newsstands now! #PinoyPower
Duh. 😉
See below. 3….2…1
When I hit that big fluffy and cloud-like pillow, this is what life looks like in my fantasy dream world. TyTy is sleepy.
Baby hair pumping. #SideSelfie #Profile
My coffee machine is leaking. Feels like a toddler’s diaper overflowing.
I am so honored and humbled to finally announce that I will be the keynote speaker for the 2019 Central California Women’s Conference! You all know how much women empowerment means to me and I can’t wait to see all my FIERCE ladies out there! #September17 #CCWC19 #TyTyApproved
Coffee on an empty stomach...
Black or white or both? Comment now.
You know how you want a dog but don’t wanna have to scoop their poop?
Mama and I throwin’ up the deuces and throwin’ it back to last year when our book #PerfectIsBoring was released. We did something so vulnerable and fun together, but seeing the countless smiles that you put on her face by reading it made a very happy TyTy!
Sometimes all a person needs is a little swing to make you stop and stare. Do I have yours? #WiggleWiggleEarJewels #Flixel
Innocent baby doll eyes and owning her crowning braids like they’re her power horns! #TyTyApproved
Yes we can. Yes we do. Yes we will. Yes, it’s more fierce when we do!
If you say #Coachella fast three times, it sounds like “Coat-Check-ah” or “Angelica” or “Go Jello”
#Coachella flower crown basic realness.
Make Smize with a stranger. Hold open the door. Compliment someone on their skin. Let people get off the elevator before you get on. Call a friend to tell them you love them. Be kind.
I’m feeling fierce because I’m in sexy high heels — and yeah my toes are starting to hurt so I’m gonna put these stilettos back in my bag & slide on my comfy shoes! What makes U fierce today?
This is a #ThrowbackTyTy photo from the runway and I can’t for the life of me remember the designer. @Dior? @Versace? Someone else??? HELP!!!
If April showers bring May flowers, then it’s my hope that yesterday’s rainy days have you reigning the Spring days ahead.
It’s Monday, so throw some confetti on the new week, dip it in glitter, and then sparkle all day!
My phone just gave me that reminder that I’ve been on it too much. So I’m gonna take today to put it aside, look up, and be present. (Deep Inhale...) You can do it too!
Do you see corn on the cob or next level fiercely cut fruit?
Peek-a-boo, TyTy sees you! She is hiding, but she wants to be seen by me since she tagged me, right? Well, boo...I see you. The one eye is clearly visible and that fearless brow arching, while giving me a pouty pout, makes one fierce photo. #TyTyApproved
Today is the first time I’ve ever seen this photo. It was taken backstage at the #AzzedineAlaia fashion show, I was 18 years old. I’m the girl in the room who always knew where the camera was. Busy making BOSS woman plans, and one day will help others be on top! #ThrowbackTyTy
Happy Hoe Fashion Hump Day! May all of your fashion choices be SENSUAL and not too stank. 😜
Sorry, she can’t hear you over the FIERCE VOLUME of that BIG, LOUD, FABULOUS HAIR FLIP!
Rise and Shine and Smize and all of that.
Happy #AprilFoolsDay! Are you the fool or the foolin’ today?!
Ok, so can you tweet me some easy and super fierce & fun April Fool’s jokes to do on my friends tomorrow!?!
The only kind of hangover I have! Sometimes I get stuck in the alternate reality of my fave authors. Then when I’m done, I come up for air and feel dizzy with satisfaction. What book are you hungover from?
When they say women deserve a seat at the table, I’m not sure they meant this. But #StephSiqueira is dominating and making her fierce presence KNOWN! We have the power to do anything and everything…IN HEELS, flats, or barefoot!
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