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RT @sweeneyABC: This story is worth your time if you use @Uber or @lyft: Rideshare drivers say their pay has been cut so much that they're…
Today our Chief Legal Officer @tonywest spoke at the #NYTNewRules summit about corporate culture, our commitment to transparency, and putting safety at the heart of everything we do. Watch his discussion here:
@flySFO management really wastes travelers time. Moving the ride sharing to the garage is stupid and makes it seem like they are being bribed/lobbied by the taxi associations to give them preferential treatment over @Uber @lyft. I’m going to start using @FlySJC instead!
@netflix did not kill blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did. @Uber did not kill taxi business. Limited access and fare control did. @Amazon did not kill other retailers. Poor customer service did. Not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business. —@betobrea
How do you feel about hamburger delivery by drone? @Uber is going to test that out. Via @peterjholley
Tune in to hear Senate Chairman of the Aviation & Space subcommittee discuss Uber Air's upcoming Dallas launch, innovation in aerospace, and how he likes to get around DC.
Today at ~3:50 pm CT I will be participating in a fireside chat at @Uber's Elevate Summit. Tune in to the livestream of my remarks at #UberElevate here -->
Did you know you can call 911 during a ride, right within the Uber app? It’s just one part of our Safety Toolkit, designed to give you peace of mind while on a trip. Learn more by visiting:
Today at the #UberElevate Summit, Eric Meyhofer, Head of Uber Advanced Technologies Group, is giving an update on our partnership with @volvocars and an insight into what’s next for autonomous vehicles. Be sure to join us live →
When it comes to the future of mobility, the sky’s the limit. Literally. Tune in to #UberElevate as we unveil brand new skyport designs, like this one from @gensler_design →
Introducing new and improved e-scooters, made with new and improved safety features. Tune in live as we share an updated e-scooter model from #UberElevate →
Hey San Diego, your 🍟🍔🍦are about to take flight. Soon, San Diego residents will be able to have an @UberEats order delivered by drone. Tune in for more info from #UberElevate →
RT @tonywest: Thrilled to talk about our commitment to safety with #UberElevate and how we’re putting safety at the heart of everything we…
7/ What Comes Before Robotaxis Ex-@Google/@Uber exec Anthony Levandowski discusses what’s coming next for robotaxis and how the industry is reacting to the risks that automakers such as @Tesla are taking.
6/ Making Sense of Laser Sensors There are more lidar sensor vendors than grains of sand on a beach. This panel will discuss the technical differences among them, which ones are ready for prime time, and how developers should consider testing them.
You’ve seen what flying cars look like on the outside, but now you can see what the new models look like on the inside. Tune in live to the #UberElevate Summit →
This just in—#UberElevate is headed to Australia. Watch live as we announce Melbourne as the third Elevate city →
The #UberElevate Summit is about to take off! Starting today, we’ll be sharing updates on the future of urban aerial ridesharing and we can’t wait to show you what’s next. Join us live →
Flying cars are no longer something you just see in the movies. Tune into the third annual #UberElevate Summit tomorrow to see them and more IRL →
Flying cars are no longer something you just see in the movies. Tune into the third annual #UberElevate Summit tomorrow to see them and more IRL →
With the @ICC Cricket World Cup underway, it’s time to cheer your team all the way-o to the top. Join in the celebration with our #WorldCupFanAnthem. #CWC19
When your BFF just gets you. Thanks for the sweet treat, @UberEats ❤️ #BestFriendsDay
Our CEO, @dkhos, is on this week's new episode of @MastersOfScale, talking with legendary investor @reidhoffman about his philosophy of radical honesty and trust. Listen here:
Meet Georgie—driver, delivery partner, and proud lesbian. After moving to San Francisco, she came out to her friends and family at 17. “There was a huge stigma back then. In my era, we fought for things. It wasn’t a trend.” 🏳️‍🌈 Read more #Pride stories →
When she saw the flames, Michele didn’t think twice. See how Michele makes her Dallas-Forth Worth community safer every time she hits the road. Learn more →
When are you protected? From tapping, “Go”, to going offline, see how insurance works when you drive with Uber. Learn more:
Stick in SF? Automatic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Looks like #scUber is making a big splash down under.
Millions of people use Uber apps every day. We look to our users to help keep one another safe, treat each other with respect, and follow the law. Learn more about Uber’s Community Guidelines at
There’s going above and beyond. Then, there’s Millie.
After requesting a quiet ride with the all-new Uber Black, @MarthaStewart48 sneaks in a surprisingly productive nap.
When @MarthaStewart crafts a cool gift, she needs a ride to match. With the all-new Uber Black, Martha can request her preferred ride temperature.
A helpful reminder: Look over your shoulder for people on bikes before opening the door. Learn more:
Not all heroes wear capes.
Morning commutes have never been the same.
Whether she’s heading to a gig or a garden party, @MarthaStewart requests help with her bags with the all-new Uber Black.
❤️ this tweet to see how @MarthaStewart crafted her perfect trip when she requested a quiet ride with the all-new Uber Black.
❤️ this tweet to see how @MarthaStewart crafted her perfect trip when she requested a quiet ride with the all-new Uber Black.
This week we're proud to launch Uber Movement Speeds, a new way for people to make informed decisions about the cities we serve.
Good people, good karma.
Raise your hand if you wish Onur could be your driver. ✋
Delighted to share this moment with the drivers and delivery-partners that changed the way the world moves.
From Tokyo to Los Angeles to Cairo, meet the people who keep all of us moving.
"Every ride should be educational, humorous, musical, or therapeutic." Watch how Ed changed the way the world moves.
In a male-dominated industry, Tiffany is an unapologetic pioneer. She has changed the way the world moves with Uber Freight.
Onur captured the hearts of his riders and the internet—starting with the aux cord. See how he changed the way London moves.
From Wi-Fi to massage chair seats, Ken goes above and beyond for his riders. Watch how he changed the way the world moves.
As one of the first female drivers in Saudi Arabia, Badriyah made history & forever changed the way the world moves.
Outside: Noisy, chaotic streets of Cairo. Inside: Peaceful oasis. See how Eid changed the way Egypt moves with Uber Bus.
Not all heroes wear capes. But some wear helmets. Watch how Sunny changed the way the world eats with every meal delivery.
As India's first transgender driver and mother to her community, Rani changed the way the world moves.
He’s a 5-star athlete and 5-star driver. Watch how Jerry changed the way Los Angeles moves with every trip.
When her grandson wanted her tofu stew at his office, Kazusa delivered—and hasn't stopped. She changed the way Tokyo eats.
As a driving instructor turned 5-star driver, Glaucia is a role model that changed the way Brazil moves.
Alex is good at reading people, on the stage or in his car. See how he changed the way Sydney moves by tailoring every trip.
“The question before the United States and other advanced countries is not: Immigration, yes or no?” argues @DavidFrum. “The questions to ask are: How much? What kind?”
RT @traceybreeden: I’m proud to represent @Uber at the End Violence Against Women International conference. We stand alongside @lapd & @nom…
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