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I just published Why Didn’t Americans Take Fascism Seriously Until it Was Too Late?
“Society doesn’t need more markets. It needs systems. Healthcare systems, financial systems, education systems — that deliver not just efficiency, but creativity, trust, sanity, trust, opportunity, imagination, health, beauty, purpose.”
“Thick ownership is more valuable than thin ownership. Me being a joint owner of a healthcare, retirement, education, childcare system is far, far more valuable than me owning endless amounts of status-envy-inducing consumer goods.”
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Warren’s platform is just super smart. I say that as someone who thinks more or less everything in American politics and thinking is comically m stupid right about now. It’s no joke, more or less a rewriting of the social contact America badly needs.
This is such an important idea. One thing we don’t talk about is how badly broken venture capital is as a source of entrepreneurship etc. It can make pointless junk like Facebook but rarely does anything useful anymore.
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Can someone just turn the universe off now please
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“If an entire nation is dying in poverty — it can hardly be the people’s fault. It must be the system’s. Despite lifetimes of grueling work — Americans are left with less than nothing. What kind of a life is that?”
“The American public sphere refuses to use the lexicon, concepts, history of fascism to describe right now — and that is promoting the myth that what’s happening in America is something that’s not fascism, something that will magically go away.”
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Time for some sleaze, hate, patriarchy, and propaganda, amirite
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It’s great being able to basically edit and mix a session of vocals in the laptop but you don’t wanna go the whole t pain
It’s made of ideas from the rest of the rich world, so yeah. We don’t need some kind of scholarship test to prove it, we just need to look at Europe
Dehumanization has deep, deep roots in America
This is the American take, it harks back to old myths of self reliance. I differ. I think authoritarianism happens when people lose the capacity to care for one another, to be equals in shared dignity and worth
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When u were the bitch and the chump both
History tells us that prosperity doesn’t come from a false sense of “prudence”, it comes from people investing in each other, to build and do things everyone needs. Anglos don’t seem capable of getting this, and it’s the reasons their societies are collapsing
“Prudence” is a politely foolish way of saying “chronic, massive underinvestment.” Anglo conservatism is the biggest failure in the world, and if that’s not clear, take a hard look at America and Britain
RT @coherence_e: « La violence, sous quelque forme qu’elle se manifeste, est un échec. » Jean-Paul Sartre
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Snowy’s grinning atcha
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Just your everyday...planet melting down
His final failure will be trying to bring down American democracy, and his name will live in scorn and disgrace (ironically enough)
This is all one of modern history’s most transparent setups to fully collapse a democracy into tyranny. It’s very real if you ask me and they are going to try it. Whether they get away with it is the question
Don’t you think that if we have a war with Iran, and it goes nuclear, as it will, cause they’re itching to nuke someone, martial law will be declared more or less the next day? I do. I can see it happening just—snap—like that.
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The question is whether Americans see all this coming yet, or if it’s still derided as “alarmism”. Have we learned yet that the worst, way faster and harder than we think? And that these are indeed real fascists? You tell me
You have to hand it to the American fascists, they’re going all in. Camps, dehumanization, institutionalized hate and violence, check. Next up, war, martial law, Reichstag Fire style power seizures
So the plan is a) start another fake war, possibly nuclear b) while accepting “help” from foreign powers for dirt and propaganda on ur opponents, that’s a nice path to martial law and “postponing” the next election
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When your real boss is vlad putin not the American people
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Let me get this straight, the average American doesn’t have decent healthcare or retirement and capitalism’s latest IPO is an overpriced exercise bike with an internet connection so you can get shouted at
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"Poverty in America, in other words, has become endemic and ubiquitous because its systemic and structural. It’s baked into the system. It’s a feature, not a bug." ALICE: asset limited, income constrained, employed. @umairh
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43% of American households can’t afford a budget that includes housing, food, childcare, healthcare, transportation, and a cellphone. Translation: nearly half of Americans can’t afford the basics of life anymore. —@umairh
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RT @pomeranian99: "America is a poor country now." A very good and sobering @umairh essay parsing new stats showing that 43% cannot afford…
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