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“You are one hundred times more likely to die of Coronavirus in America than in a functioning society. That risk is rising, not falling. That’s the price of living in a failed state.”
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“Americans should care much, much more about being having the world’s highest Coronavirus death toll. Why? Because a lot of them or their loved ones are still going to die.“ 600
“What’s the price of living in a society that’s failed, like America? One that can’t provide the basics—like public health itself? The price is your life. You are one hundred times more likely to die of Coronavirus in America than in a functioning society.”
There is a literal global pandemic. This is beyond foolish.
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American institutions never called this a little genocide, which it was. That’s how America got to the fascists coming for them, too
Capitalism is inseparable from racism
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Giving up on coronavirus is the event that really marks America‘a transition to a proper failed state, on its way to becoming a poor country
The American Idiot
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Very well said
This kind of thing is why I don’t bother reading american media. I literally have no idea what any of it means it’s so weirdly self referential and insular
Literally everyone in my neighborhood is a macchiato Marxist It’s awesome
Late nite thoughts with Umair, they’re always cheery. Imagine for a moment that I have to live with the mess in my head too 😭😂😎💘
We’re still too busy fighting each other to save each other from the toxic waste of centuries of exploitation: of each other, the planet, the world, nature. It’s a surreal mess. Our civilization feels to me like it’s on it’s last legs now. Exhibit one, America
I don’t have any easy answers. I think the next few decades will be really catastrophic. And I think human civilization is genuinely heading into a period of prolonged and severe collapse now. Of which America is the canary in the coal mine
But American economics has come to the key intellectual building block of our civilization, our global economy. I’m not optimistic about the future for just this reason. It doesnt work. It was meant for a slave state, not a thriving democracy of equals...let alone a world.
I don’t know if a society can outgrow failures of intellect as large as America’s. The work is just too much, too large. How do you teach people to think about everything all over again? To unlearn it in the first place?
When I think about the scale of this kind of intellectual failure, I just shudder. Building a society on a broken economics? That reflects poisonous values? Where do you even begin to rebuild that? How do you?
We don’t account for the wealth produced by slavery, and chalk it all up to “innovation.” Any wonder to this very day our economics fails to account for the planet, animals, nature, democracy, the future? It’s whole foundation is broken. It just doesn’t work
American econ is basically a long theoretical restatement of the values which produced slavery. Selfishness, domination, acquisitiveness, possession, exploitation. It’s all one giant ball of fail. Which is why America is where it is.
So to this day America kind of ignores the horror of coronavirus killing huge numbers because the burden falls disproportionately on poor minorities. These things are all intertwined, race, capital, social collapse.
In that regard, MLK is America’s best economist. He pointed out capitalism and racism are inseparable. But of course if you say that to the American econ establishment, which is mostly white and male, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. LOL
It’s a gigantic intellectual mess and failure both. American econ just needs to rebuilt from the ground up, because by not understanding America’s wealth came from slavery, it justifies exploitation to this very day, only this time, for everyone
So Americans econ is left to theorize this nonsense like America got rich through free markets and innovation and whatnot, which it still relies on, but don’t seem to work out ever, because the mistake is the wealth came from slavery on the largest scale in human history
That’s true, you know. One of the reasons American econ is a joke is that it doesn’t accept America’s wealth came largely from slavery. Slavery isn’t even *in* American econ courses or analysis, much less segregation.
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America just giving up on coronavirus and accepting death on a gigantic scale is...really disturbing
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My doge will literally stay up all night making the saddest face in the universe if I don’t give him his favorite chicken sticks. I mean Snowy hello have you even seen 2020
Why do I feel like America is just tuning out this horror
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That’s very well said.
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I just published America, We Need to Talk About Fascism
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I just published Coronavirus in America is *One Hundred Times* More Lethal Than It Should Be
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Hey guys maybe the NYT will ask him to write an oped about it
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