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Hey cool one more reason not to get one
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These things aren’t a coincidence...the American establishment can’t say “fascism”...the American establishment gives fascists tv stardom and sinecures...the fascists keep gaining power. This is exactly how a society becomes fascist
A culture that rewards fascists is (wait for it) a fascist culture
You know guys I wish it wasn’t asking too much that fascists didn’t get rewarded in every possible way in our society but shunned and rejected. As in literally disgraced like the wretches they are
The precise ways in which capitalism implodes into fascism
RT @sarahchurchwell: That’s all he ever did to get on television.
RT @tonyjoyce: @umairh Control through violence and fear AND possession. That is root of capitalism. The old saying “possession is 9 tenths…
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Honestly guys our lunatic president is like watching narcissism’s insatiable need for power and control because it doesn’t know how to love anything drive a man crazier and crazier every single day until there’s nothing left of a mind at all
RT @kurteichenwald: Trump just threatened to release ISIS fighters into France and Germany. There is nothing left to say.
RT @sleastack: @umairh Imagine what we(humanity) could have done with all this wasted energy.
There’s been soooo much crazy in the air lately my head honestly hurts. It’s literally painful psychologically
RT @PopChassid: Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll stop by the time our country builds concentration camps.
RT @lizzieohreally: Honestly this woman is a legend
I genuinely love the way that your punishment oh wait reward for being a fascist in American culture is...dancing with the stars! LOL and you wonder how society went hardcore fascist
We laugh about it but the fact is there are millions of Americans so psychologically wrecked by being capitalism’s perpetual victims they’re happy to believe ardently trump is a religious messiah sent to save them
I thought you guys would be way happier than this when we finally learned who the messiah is
Yeah, I’d like a Zuckaccino with some extra sociopathy
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That stands at odds with our (idiots) discourse, which doesn’t consider this to be fascism, which assigns “it” no cause or effect, and which has no place for the idea of human consciousness at all, having none itself
The thing I think I’m most interested in these days is how global fascism is a kind of reduction and breakdown in human consciousness at the precise moment we need an expansion and elevation in it
RT @marencosta: “(How) Human Consciousness Has to Mature in the 21st Century” by @umairh — Read this. It is both beautiful and profound. ht…
Cool Cool Great Awesome
The fascism-technology complex
I just published What ‘Buying Greenland’ Really Means
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You don’t get to “indefinite detention” in three years unless the fascists are winning by a very long way. Unless there is no real opposition and civil society is just paralyzed and impotent
Just three years in and the fascists have literally not really lost a single battle. They have got everything they wanted. From indefinite detention to family separation to torturing little kids. They are just savaging American democracy, while opposition is MIA
I think that Americans have this fantasy they’ll elect someone else in a year or so. Maybe. But institutions like these build fascist power bases within governments. Which linger for decades.
Americans are losing the fight against fascism to a demented president who literally thinks he’s fascist Jesus
“Indefinite detention” is another huge milestone for the fascists, it’s a key institution of violent repression and the final element of a genuine system of concentration camps
RT @beyerstein: Indefinite detention and no flu shots equals de facto death camps:
He is a malignant narcissist with increasingly severe dementia which is causing extreme and quite literal delusions of grandeur
Guys he has finally lost what few working brain cells he had left
RT @KillerMartinis: Tomorrow he’s gonna announce that he’s outlawing lucky charms because of that damned immigrant mascot, after which the…
Guys I’m sure they will but even I’m baffled as to how things can get possibly any more surreal and stupid than “I’m Jesus who wants to buy Greenland”
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Six months from now in the nonfiction section, “The Case for Messiah Trump”
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Uh guys when heads of state begin comparing themselves to religious messiahs you’ve officially reached taliban or isis level discourse
even Jesus would probably have a tough time redeeming Trump to be fair
Hi Brits Kiss your futures goodbye
Guys guess what happens when you can’t say fascism? Fascism
Tomorrow in the NYT and on CNN: “but it’s possible Trump COULD be Jesus, isn’t it?”
RT @GissiSim: Denmark's take on Trump's diplomacy.
RT @malloy_online: seven fucking Walmarts caught fire at the same time because Elon Musk is a con man God I love this timeline…
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RT @umairh: The Nobel Fascism Prize?
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