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Today was absolutely mind blowing. Can't wait for you guys to see the video we shot. πŸ›«
RT @ColinCowherd: Lebron, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma can compete for the title. Las Vegas has them as a favorite (still feels like they n…
AD to Lakers and we kept Kuzma? Sounds good to me. Those draft picks though...
Dang Klay tore his ACL... Not a good way for the Warriors to end the season at all.
You gotta be kidding me...
This game is absolutely insane...
This one is for my business owners! Got a chance to unbox GoToRoom, an all in one conferencing solution. Watch the vid to see the full experience. #GoToRoom #ad
Team and I had some fun creating a pretty chill but dope Xbox One X Setup. It's probably my last one too. Go to the channel to check it out and let me know what you think!
ICYMI - I posted a video on some awesome features to look out for when shopping for your next laptop. This one is definitely for the grads out there! #sponsoredbyintel
πŸ‘€ https://twitter.com/madebygoogle/status/1138876305158500353
New BOTW sequel has me pretty excited. If it's as good as the first one, we'll be in for a good time.
What a bad last possession.
Durant shouldn't have been playing today by any means. SMH πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ
Hope everyone is safe out there. I imagine this may make things a bit dicey for Uber's new helicopter plans in NY. https://twitter.com/cbsnewsradio/status/1138149506174849026
Got a chance to play with the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 yesterday. Video on it just hit the channel! Go check it out... now!
Porject Scarlett is our code name for the next Xbox. Coming next year! #E319
Tales Arise looks so good! #E319 #XboxE3
Phantasy Star Online 2! I want!!! #E319
That Elite controller V2 though πŸ‘€
So. Green. #E3 What are you guys expecting/hoping @xbox will drop? http://bit.ly/2ZegmIm
Waiting for the magic to happen!
Amazon makes some pretty cheap tech but is it any good? Hit the channel for the video. Go go go πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¨
Wow. So hyped for the Raptors right now. #avengemydudeBron
Got another video for yall. Watch before you buy your next laptop! Go go go!
I used some pretty dope tech last month. Video on my favorite tech from May just went up on the channel. Go check it out!
In case you were asleep when this dropped, a new video hit the channel last night. Go check it out!
Ok so @instagram needs to stop playing and finally make an iPad app. I mean, there’s no better time than now right??
Great iOS hands on from my guy @UrAvgConsumer https://youtu.be/2daRu79vtbA
My man πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ
New video just hit the channel y’all. @UrAvgGF makes an appereance too so you gotta check it out. Go go go!
RT @UrAvgGF: The very moment your favorite nerds found out about the new Mac Pro. #wwdc @UrAvgConsumer @austinnotduncan @MKBHD https://t.c…
Mac Pro is finally here! http://bit.ly/2MqXG6y
Pros... You interested?
The monitor is looking pretty good. 6K... 🀯
I need to hear about that display Apple!
Desktop class sites also coming to iPadOS by default.
iPadOS supports external drives now!
Widgets on the home screen of iPadOS??? I never thought this day would come.
Time for some WWDC. What do you guys want to see @Apple announce? http://bit.ly/2ET8W5I
You'll be able to share audio between AirPods very easily now. Apple does sharing well so this is cool.
Siri will now read messages right to you as they come in. You can also respond immediately with activating Siri with the phrase. #WWDC19
Personalized emojis with your Memoji actually sounds pretty cool. #WWDC19
Apple is making HUGE moves on privacy. I love what they're doing here. #wwdc19
Lots of updates to Apple Maps. Any of you guys swayed to start using it when it rolls out?
We can finally swipe on the native keyboard in iOS. I'm pumped about this. #WWDC19
iOS13 now has Dark Mode.#wwdc19
WatchOS is getting it's own App Store. You'll no longer need a companion app on your phone to have them run. #WWDC19
TvOS is also getting support for Xbox and PS4 controller for you gamers out there!
TvOS is getting control center. Definitely not mad about that. #WWDC19
We in here! #wwdc19 (attempt #2 lol)
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