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Here’s how luck finds you: 1. Work harder than expected 2. Stay teachable 3. Give without expecting a get 4. Read and write more 5. Show up on time 6. Focus on your customers 7. Develop good manners 8. Be humble 9. Be kind and generous 10. Surround yourself with smarter people
RT @ValaAfshar: Being an introvert is a gift and real strength
RT @ValaAfshar: This stairway in India is an engineering marvel
A 100 year old video shows a car with "park assist" feature @elonmusk
No matter how educated, talented or rich you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.
Hard work: Easy work: ————— —————– create criticize inspire complain educate imitate empower control develop blame finish give up collaborate ignore trust exaggerate
Real wealth is a happy home, good health, freedom, and a peace of mind.
RT @ValaAfshar: Silence is not ignorance. Humility is not self-doubt. Introvert is not insecure. Authority is not influence. Kindness i…
RT @ValaAfshar: A magical moment when two strangers start playing the piano at a train station
We must appreciate the precision of manual labor that is required to build
RT @ValaAfshar: “Heroes do not have the need to be known as heroes, they just do what heroes do because it is right and it must be done.”…
RT @ValaAfshar: You are not your job. You are so much more. I love this story. This elementary school surprised their ‘superhero’ custodi…
RT @naval: The world is full of teachers but devoid of students.
We take for granted the courage and hard work it takes to build
Ladder innovation
RT @ValaAfshar: Jack Ma introduces Alibaba for the first time to 17 people in his apartment in 1999. 20 years later, Alibaba sold $38.4 bi…
Advice to my younger self: 1 read and write more 2 no exercise can beat a poor diet 3 networking is about giving 4 practice public storytelling 5 stay teachable 6 find mentor 7 keep in touch with friends 8 you are not your job 9 forgive first 10 do not spend what you do not have
15 beautiful libraries around the world
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How to improve your social skills: 1 say 'thank you' and 'please' 2 do not respond to negativity 3 remember people's names 4 smile more 5 be gracefully honest 6 hold doors open 7 be kind and humble 8 talk less, but say more 9 listen without interrupting 10 do not brag or nitpick
You did not choose your: 1 birthplace 2 skin color 3 birth parents or family 4 birth gender 5 birth language 6 birth name 7 ethnicity 8 born abilities You can choose to be: 1 honest 2 generous 3 kind 4 grateful 5 respectful 6 optimistic 7 humble 8 teachable 9 faithful 10 happy
RT @ValaAfshar: “The great artist is the simplifier.”
RT @ValaAfshar: “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”
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RT @ValaAfshar: A rock balancing artist that defies gravity
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This is why @usainbolt has the 100m World Record
RT @ValaAfshar: You can go to school and spend years trying to learn about great marketing. Or you can spend a few minutes watching Steve…
RT @ValaAfshar: The ideal school would teach health, wealth and happiness. It‘d be free, self-paced and available to all. It‘d show opposin…
The first 20 years you measure success with grades, only to realize that the real value is in learning to learn and critical thinking. The second 20 years you measure success by how much money you made, only to realize that how you spend time, and with whom, is most important.
RT @ValaAfshar: “Our competitors are not in China, but in America’s Silicon Valley.” Jack Ma introduces Alibaba for the first time to 17 p…
RT @ValaAfshar: “What is investment? Usain Bolt won 8 gold medals in 3 Olympics, and he only ran for less than 115 seconds on the track, e…
RT @ValaAfshar: A magical moment when two strangers start playing the piano at a train station
RT @ValaAfshar: You're never too important to be nice to people.
RT @ValaAfshar: You are not too old to: 1 change your mind 2 forgive first 3 learn a new skill 4 share wisdom 5 be afraid 6 apologize for…
RT @ValaAfshar: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Last Speech: "I would like to live a long life...but I'm not concerned about that now." #Bl…
RT @ValaAfshar: Taiko (太鼓) is the Japanese word for drum. An ensemble taiko drumming is called kumi-daiko (組太鼓, "set of drums"). The stu…
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — @TIME Man of the Year, 1964
How to earn trust: 1 do not lie (to yourself or others) 2 do not defend dishonesty 3 do not pretend 4 do not manipulate 5 do not hide the truth 6 say what you mean 7 do not cheat 8 give trust 9 explain your decisions 10 share your intent 11 deliver on promises 12 do not brag
Here’s an example of spatial computing where you can turn a large surface area to a NBA courtside basketball experience
RT @dog_feelings: occasionally during our walks. someone will pass us. and completely ignore my human. but whisper hello to me. i really en…
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