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A look back at Sarah Huckabee Sanders's biggest lies
The perks of being married to a Cabinet secretary: millions in federal funding and a special pipeline to the Department of Transportation
A top US official is openly defying the Trump administration—by saying climate change not only exists, it may cause the next financial crisis. The best part? Legally, Trump can't do a thing about it
Even Trump seems to know he screwed the pooch with Stephanopoulos
Biden and Bernie will face off at the first debate, while Warren gets her own night to shine
US security officials are furious over Trump inviting foreign powers to disrupt the 2020 election
Kate's own hairstyle raises some questions about whether or not she can braid Princess Charlotte's hair
Stuck in the third tier of the Democratic race, Beto O’Rourke has come out swinging at the king
The president swears he would never violate the North Korean dictator’s friendship
The Trump adviser previously claimed carbon dioxide has been treated like “Jews under Hitler”
Did Congressman Duncan Hunter's wife just flip on him?
Writer-director Simon Kinberg took the blame for Dark Phoenix, claiming it “didn’t connect enough with audiences that did see it”
In his dismissal, the Trump-appointed judge claimed the lawsuit relied too heavily on other allegations from different cases
We knew graduation season would be bittersweet for Felicity Huffman
Is "peace at last" a hint at a potential new Taylor Swift-Katy Perry song?
Whomever Taylor Swift is telling to calm down, it sure wasn’t the surprised crowd at New York’s Stonewall Inn
Lindsay Lohan responded with "Who's that?" when asked about the Paris Hilton feud
Netflix's #MurderMystery leaves viewers with the age-old question: why is this woman married to this man? @rilaws reviews:
While the Justin Bieber-Tom Cruise fight will not be happening after all, it feels like this story isn’t quite over
RT @VanityFair: The Trump adviser worries that children are being “indoctrinated” by climate change science
With only 60 seconds to answer questions and every candidate vying for media attention, the first Democratic debate will be a key 2020 moment
This method of boring the paparazzi into submission is not new—and now a new generation of stars is learning the trick all over again
Instagram might be the only place to get some insight into how Irina Shayk is handling her breakup
The randomly-selected groupings could be a decisive curveball for the crowded 2020 field
The Trump adviser worries that children are being “indoctrinated” by climate change science
The president is on damage control duty after inviting more foreign interference in 2020
Including a cool $4 million from President Daddy’s nearby hotel
With mammon at stake, one thing is certain: there’s simply no stopping bankers, lawyers, and private-equity moguls from getting what they want
If you’ve lost Alan Dershowitz...
Known on Twitter for her hilarious impressions, @anafabregagood’s stamp can be found throughout #LosEspookys
The new Sarah Huckabee Sanders might come from the First Lady's office
“For the Pritzkers her transitioning wasn’t that eventful. They’re all cool with it. It’s like, pass the salt,” says a family friend. “Her Republicanism—that’s more difficult for them”
Cooper is in early talks to join Guillermo del Toro’s next film—an adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s 1946 con man classic
William Happer, who is heading up Operation Deny Climate Change, has been hard at work
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have entered their early-mid thirties in style—matching tiara style, to be clear
The line-up for the first Democratic debates is out—and it's both good and bad news for Elizabeth Warren
Spring Break as we know it is in danger, and only Veronica Mars can save us
Ready to feel old?
Jared and Ivanka, who supposedly left tons of money on the table to work for Trump, made $135 million last year
According to Dunham, the new eight-episode series is akin to “Wolf of Wall Street meets Melrose Place”
Trump seems to realize that he made a tactical error with his comments to ABC News
According to the president, it’s totally cool and legal for foreign governments to interfere in U.S. elections
#LosEspookys: @anafabregagood explains the method behind her character’s madness
Promising content from filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Steven Soderbergh, Quibi could be the next great streaming platform
Apparently Trump can't even count on the guy who wrote The Case Against Impeaching Donald Trump to vote for him
Eternity rings are an only partly traditional idea that’s been repackaged and sold to modern brides
Trump's solution to his unfavorable 2020 polls? Lie, lie, and lie some more
On this week's Inside the Hive, @nickbilton shares the details from Elizabeth Holmes's secret wedding
AM Homes, whose third short story collection, Days of Awe, is out in paperback next week, has found herself returning again and again to a character she first wrote about in 1989
The new #ShaftMovie hits theaters tonight—but V.F. critic @melvillmatic says you’re better off settling in with the original
A complex shareholder lawsuit pulls back the curtain on a Wall Street love triangle, in which Apollo Global Management, JPMorganChase, and a fleet of white-shoe lawyers all made bank. Did shareholders get hosed?
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