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RT @realTrumpcast: Stanford's Scott Sagan joins @page88 to chat about his recently co-authored poll gauging Americans’ desire to go to war…
At least a handful of former Trump supporters are now openly considering Elizabeth Warren. Is there even one voter who went for HRC in 2016 who’s now pro-Trump? America loathes Trump. That’s the truth whether he cheats & squeaks in through the electoral college or not.
His department decides? Seems like an FBI matter. The summer in the US feels like a tinderbox.
Eveidently Americans want to go to war with North Korea—until they find out what that means. Scott Sagan of the @BulletinAtomic talked to me @realTrumpcast about the stay of nuclear affairs with Trump in office. It’s...disturbing.
Usually the woman just finds a smattering of sexts, though. Kudos to Amy Lankford for her service to our country in uncovering a multimillion-dollar insurance fraud!
Headspinning insurance fraud story by @marshall_allen. This geezer was ace at fraud but made a rookie divorced dad mistake: Leaving his kids’ iPads connected to his Apple accounts.
Once again it’s stunning that we are in the middle of what will inevitably be called “a shameful chapter in American history”—and those in power have chosen to gun it till the bitter end.
I feel like that’s a signal from Denver to Putin.
The Greenville rally—w/the racist chants—had empty seats, drapes to cover bare spots, and less than half the audience Trump’s team claimed it did. The Trump ralliers are a paper tiger. My column @latimesopinion feat. @IdeaGov.
This is why @realTrumpcast I don’t scour red states for the rare picturesque diehard redhats in diners. Instead I host ex-GOP and ex-Trumpers like @davidmweissman — the ones who are banging down doors to discuss how Trump & the GOP betrayed them.
The founding lie of Trump’s presidency is that he has vast and unshakable support. The truth is the country largely despises him. Don’t believe and spread Trump’s dangerous lie. Me ⁦@latimesopinion⁩ :
I sense a ratio coming. Hooboy is Twitter not Biden country. I just want to set myself up not to hate voting for him if he’s the nominee. Psychological self-management
This has a strong grandfatherly flow of baseline common sense to it. I’m not a Biden person so far, but that “no, I’m serious” is just the sanity-restoring cue Americans need right now.
RT @marymancini: Finding out that this is the ASL sign for Donald Trump and capturing it in slomo was another great thing about the @PeteBu…
Whenever someone glances over at my tabs sardined so narrow NONE of them have a symbol on them, I feel like I've been caught with dirty needles and a tourniquet.
God, please give me the strength not to open too many tabs today. Satan, get thee behind me.
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RT @page88: Asterisks are always good pallbearers & conveyors of illegitimacy. OJ Simpson, not guilty* Russian gold medalists at Sochi Ol…
The brains of the male elite are now openly disintegrating. We are to the lead poisoning part of the fall of Rome. Maybe it's Gulfstream fumes.
AD treats questions about his enabling of—and participation in—international sex trafficking, kidnapping, sex slavery, coerced sex, and rape as a question about his own sexual satisfaction.
.and then the Real Housewives attack on the monogamy of his professional rival, David Boies. The questions about Dershowitz-Epstein are so serious that Dershowitz—known for helping men who murder women skate—regresses to cognitive stagnation & gibberish about his penis.
My Perfect, Perfect Sex Life
Trying to reverse my own nothing-beats-TOS trekkie/crank side
RT @WindsorMann: @page88 Conservative victimhood: it’s an epidemic.
“Oh Lindsey, good point. But since Trump lacks the cognitive powers—skill set—of past presidents, more learned people take pains not to condescend to him so they ask qs they’d ask a real—I mean other POTUS. No one wants to upset him. Maybe he’s an HSP, highly sensitive person?”
The obsession w/how Trump’s being “treated” makes him seem like a infantile sadsack: “I don’t like how the meanies treat meeee.” This is the President of the United States. His obligation is to SERVE the people, whose questions & protests are not mistreatment. They’re democracy.
RT @latimesopinion: "This is no time to lie down and die. Yet congressional leaders of all stripes seem to be succumbing to their own despa…
In defense of infighting. My attack @latimesopinion on the maddening lawmakers who meet the daily crisis in the White House with lethargy, defeatism and stupefaction. WAKE UP.
RT @page88: THREAD.
RT @page88: THREAD.
"Movement Conservatives" is a crap name for an arthritic street gang, but it seems to have worked.
How does ⁦@lisaxmiller⁩ do it? Here is Lisa’s necessary editorial @nymag abt how shabby male intellectuals decided their great calling was child rape, in the style of Humbert Humbert, Bob Guccione, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen—& Jeffrey Epstein.
Syncs with American studies that show diseases of despair up in Trump counties, life expectancy down.
OK now my life has truly slipped away. Save @wordbaseapp
Well, if George Conway says it—& not merely Maxine Brown, FORTY SIXy ago, when she was shut out of Trump buildings for being Black—or oh just the exonerated Central Park five whose executions Trump gunned for when they were innocent—I guess we finally know Trump's a racist.
RT @realTrumpcast: ICYMI: @VickyPJWard returns to talk Epstein with @page88.
RT @sundaylongread: Happy Sunday! Our guest editor is none other than Virginia Heffernan (@page88), a columnist at WIRED, The Los Angeles T…
Disturbed and disturbing! This was my experience with Edge when Epstein was there, too. Though I never met him. What a disturbed and disturbing bunch of people.
"For 2 years despair cd be kept at bay by the possibility that Robert Mueller wd save us, that there was an end in sight. Now all we are left with is the hope that the wimpiest political party the U.S. has ever seen can somehow wrest back power" — @slansky
If it’s peace and equality you’re after, without the Soviet-era disinfo & contemptuous treatment of minorities & the middle class, Elizabeth Warren should be your candidate.
When bots with Russian IPs are posting “hashtag Tulsi or Trump” remember that the Kremlin is gunning for the candidates who will look the other way—and thus support—anti-gay purges, domestic violence, corruption & the murder of dissidents.
I know this understandably seems like ancient history to young DSA folk who support Bernie or Gabbard, but please read this history—so we don’t repeat it.
With new facts & a respect for truth, Susan Sontag changed her mind abt the Soviet Union. Not Bernie, whose manly hairy-chested Jack Reed fantasies were realized in the banyas & w/his warm fraudulent welcome by the regime that was simulataneously brutalizing dissidents. Sontag:
Molly’s right. This piece by @MiriamElder is stunning, & should—but won’t— close the book on any bunk dream of “ahistorical socialism.” I remember when Solzhenitsyn moved to Cavendish, VT. That Bernie Sanders, while raving abt the USSR, never visited him is horrifying.
Calls “BS” on everyone. 😉
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My favorite story of the week, about Otter Bay East.
Good morning! I guest-edited the great @sundaylongread today — and delivered up some New Coke, some Instagram canyons and the best-ever summer song. Oh and I admit: some non-day-ruining Jeffrey Epstein, with many cheering reminders that he’s in jail now. ☀️
Hate is the brand. Right on, @waltshaub
Asterisks are always good pallbearers & conveyors of illegitimacy. OJ Simpson, not guilty* Russian gold medalists at Sochi Olympics* President* Trump
Thank you for saying so, Virginia. I keep telling anyone who will listen to please read your extraordinary essay on the #AsteriskPresident 45*.
Which is the best argument that President* Trump is an illegitimate POTUS*? 1) Individual-1 personally committed campaign finance felonies, without which he would not have won? 2) He invited — and invites! — foreign adversaries to attack our elections?
On point #2, it is ongoing:
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