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Unsolicited summer advice: 1. Don’t bother with the mask wars. Just wear one and mind your business. 2. Expect Biden to be called racist malarkey sleepy crazy lesbian and perhaps (with Rove aboard) the father of John McCain’s love child. Walk on by.
I should say “find new reasons to sustain my delirium about having not-Trump for President.”
In the nonstop effort to get excited about Joe Biden I woke up thinking: maybe he doesn’t play golf! Too hasty. He does. Back to the drawing board.
Before I tweeted it, @page88 tweeted by. By an hour.
We’re pretty synched, as a rule
RT @KBAndersen: @page88 @YouGov @YahooNews I expect most of the 28% who think Bill Gates wants to inject them with tracker microchips didn’…
Great chat with @ChionWolf about how this disease will change us.
One of my favorite @realTrumpcast episodes! Partly because Dr. Greer and let it go, um, somewhat off the rails.
Related: Given the president’s urgency on this matter—and of course piety as a Presbyterian—I wonder if he’s been doing audio or Zoom services from Marble Collegiate?
Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life
It’s been excellent to see @madeleinebaran and @InTheDarkAPM call attention to the grave injustices in the Curtis Flowers case. Meanwhile Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. Actually I’m not sure what you’re talking about.
RT @page88: It’s possible that when an accusation is plainly false it doesn’t “destroy your life” because your wife and kids aren’t quietly…
RT @page88: It’s useful, in hindsight, to have Biden’s measured statement about Tara Reade’s accusation: “it never, never happened.” It s…
Oh thank heavens I worried he was a sycophant. When he’s just another bride of God’s only son.
Tis the season! Time for the williehortoning, swiftboating, pizzagating, birthering and butheremailing that passes for Machiavellian wizardry among the Republican sweathogs.
I remember once being accused of stealing a friend’s father’s lug wrench (larceny) and it was a real he said-she said but I remember my family being unscathed.
It’s possible that when an accusation is plainly false it doesn’t “destroy your life” because your wife and kids aren’t quietly panicked that its true.
ICYMI: @Dr_CMGreer enlightened me @realTrumpcast about Edith Bunker, Stacey Abrams and of course Weezie Jefferson.
Died of cardiac arrest with a bullet in his back
It’s useful, in hindsight, to have Biden’s measured statement about Tara Reade’s accusation: “it never, never happened.” It suggests that being *falsely* accused maybe doesn’t look like this:
The Beetles
“It could happen to anyone”?
And here it is!
A Please-No-Klobuchar podcast with the great ⁦@Dr_CMGreer⁩ !
My best friend.
Have a "Please Not Klobuchar" episode of @realTrumpcast up soon with @Dr_CMGreer. Peerless Christina might not think Klobuchar is right for the ticket, but she praised Stacey Abrams, Archie Bunker and of course Weezie Jefferson. And even let me stop laughing here & there.
Thank you Dr Greer for pointing out that Stacey Abrams is as experienced and qualified as Barack Obama was when he ran for President in 2008. The more I learn about Stacey Abrams, the more impressed I am with her.
Have a "Please Not Klobuchar" episode of @realTrumpcast up soon with @Dr_CMGreer. Peerless Christine praised Stacey Abrams, Archie Bunker and of course Weezie Jefferson—and sometimes let me stop laughing long enough to ask questions.
The key for the media & the public is simple: PLAN TODAY HOW YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MARCH TO THE ROVE-RUSSIA DRUMMER. No stories called "Biden-McCain lovechild? Experts see both sides." Or ffs "FBI Sees No Clear Links..." Do we have a deal?! If so, Happy Memorial Day.
It's going to be a long, hot, plague summer. KEEP YOUR HEAD. You're not back in the rice paddy Napalm of summer 2016. This is a new thing: Rove goofy character assassinations plus the Kremlin's ops with the voting infrastructure.
That's the high-level stuff. At least Putin is *probably* not using Fancy Guccifer and Bear this time. But he's got a cast of thousands playing World of Hackcraft. And down in the American muck Trump now has Karl Rove.
So the Kremlin is still trying to steal the election for Trump — and @FranklinFoer reports that Putin is well on his way to giving this one to his puppet. Via the VOTING SOFTWARE AND MACHINES. [shudder]
Btw "John McCain's love child" is not a throwaway. Rove really did that. (Oh look Rove denies the allegation.)
Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Julian Assange, Mike Flynn. Michael Cohen, Steve Wynn, Elliott Broidy of the RNC. Alex Jones, Randy Credico, Jerome Corsi, Milo Yiannopoulos, Infowars, Cambridge Analytica (by that name), even Breitbart. Those Unite the Right murderers from Cville.
.And more I'm forgetting. Oh yeah the Proud Boys. True Pundit or whatever. Bunch of people like George Conway, David Weissman, Anthony Scaramucci and Joe Walsh who were all in or partly in in 2016 and now have switched sides.
Here's one complicating factor: So many GOP dirty tricksters from 2016 are sidelined, muted, convicted, jailed, and deplatformed!
With Rove in the picture, expect Biden to be painted as a lesbian, a pedophile, brain-damaged, Muslim, and the father of John McCain's love child.
He did so well in 2008.
So good old Karl Rove has betrayed his old mealticket, the Bushes, to bring his trademark compost-mulch-and-sepsis campaign style to Trumpland.
Long strange trip
We tested some of the healthiest, richest, most famous and of course most lucrative young men on earth before tests even existed and while the poor and the nursing homes were wiped out.
If this made sense to you at the time please imagine that it sounded to me like “The FIRST order of business in a pandemic is test ALL college feminists” might sound to you
I remain hugely relieved that the first thought of all good Americans when we had no PPE, tests, beds, or lockdown plan was for for God’s sake TEST THE NBA
@nxthompson you are showing dangerously little respect for the very important project of Operation Save March Madness for the Love of God that consumed everyone’s thinking as March came in like a lion
It's possible I've never weighed in on one of these in my life. Not Ravenclaw v Dusseldorf, not which American Girl am I. But because there seems to be an error in the QUESTION here I am obliged as a child of truth to intervene. This is like comparing a condo to a PLANET. #DD
Oh! Locusts! It must be a "plague" time! Lol Stonehenge! When, as all men of reason know, this is clearly because of geometry, photons, the quadratic formula and something Neil Degrasse-Tyson would say.
It continues to really bother me how superstitious people are getting about our times. Jeez these crazy supernatural explanations for recent events when it all seems perfectly rational to me.
Moving up my major tip. How I to protect Usual Suspects but slag heap the whole Allen filmography: Woody Allen is auteur, controls the whole vision of his movies, which exist to vindicate, elevate and whitewash . Usual S is ensemble w/Spacey typecast as a sociopath.
Ground zero false equivalence operation.
I just enacted what I'm calling a Suspended Cancellation last night to watch the Usual Suspects with one Kevin Spacey and I have advice on this delicate mental operation if anyone wants to try it
The Robert's Rules story is actually so good IIRC and it has to do with cooling off people on the old third-rail subject of "slavery" so both sides/very fine people could be heard in (I think) a New England church.
It’s like they’ve done this before. #risotto
Correction: Some 20% seem to be wearing masks in London. And tone correction: Wasn’t suggesting arguments against mask-wearing are stupid. The global recs keep changing. The mask streetwar now seems to be about more than just particulate airborne droplets & semi-permeable cloth.
Oh please don’t say masks are something “on which reasonable people can disagree.” Where’s the bloodsport in that?
Spoke to a Londoner who says no one’s wearing masks there, educated or not. They’re very early April w/the whole “masks don’t help, false sense of security, save N-95s for frontliners” blather. Sounds fine but I do worry about how they’re gonna tell Sharks from Jets all summer.
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