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At least 10 candidates for Thailand's parliament have legally changed their names to Thaksin—the name of the popular former prime minister
Video: Billionaire CEOs Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are on a mission to send tourists to the stars. Here's how each company is approaching the new space race.
Heard on the Street: The stock market's thrusters may be going into reverse
Iran is preparing to restart work on its nuclear weapons program, the Trump administration says
Shaquille O'Neal is joining Papa John's as a board member and ambassador for the brand
Imam Gamal Fouda was delivering a sermon when bullets began tearing through his mosque last week. Today he led an open-air prayer memorial: "Your loved ones did not die in vain."
Opinion: The crude politics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar have established a new mood in Congress, an approach to national politics that is combative, angry and polarizing. They are following Donald Trump's lead.
For more than 200 years, Americans towered over everyone else. Now, it’s the Dutch.
The once-endangered sleeper is back on track. Here’s where—and why—you might to ride the midnight express.
Global stocks turned lower as investors weighed fresh signs of sluggish economic growth
Walmart is searching for ways to fight Amazon. Its latest: a personal-shopping service that hand delivers a single box of cereal or helps plan a kid’s birthday party. via @WSJ
Heard on the Street: Apple’s shares are near a record valuation ahead of the new media services event
Economic malaise in this former bastion of Kremlin loyalty highlights the growing discontent with Vladimir Putin and his policies throughout Russia
Three years after breaking itself up, struggling Avon is considering putting the company back together through a sale to Brazilian rival Natura
Owner of a Chinese chemical plant that exploded this week, killing dozens, has a record of safety and environmental lapses
Two American service members are killed in action in Afghanistan
The collapse of the world's largest insolvent private-equity firm just got even more complicated
Tiffany’s profit triples, beating analysts’ expectations, despite sales slowdown
Indonesia’s flag carrier becomes the first airline to confirm plans to cancel an order for Boeing's 737 MAX jets after two deadly crashes
Germany’s ban on betting against payments company Wirecard reopens a battle over when such prohibitions are appropriate
BlackRock is in advanced talks to buy French software provider eFront, potentially paying between $1 billion and $1.5 billion
Here's why a legal doctrine known as the Tax Benefit Rule could save you some hassle at tax time this year
Fed's change of course is a sign that Powell cares more about crafting the right policy than winning an argument, writes Nick Timiraos
North Korea withdraws from liaison office it shared with the South near the demilitarized zone since September, an abrupt diplomatic pullback
Heard on the Street: The main risk to China’s financial system isn’t unpredictable black swans but the threats everyone knows about
Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal
U-turns by the Fed and ECB are setting off a central banking domino effect around the world
An explosion at a chemical plant in eastern China killed at least 47 people and injured hundreds of others
Leaked K-pop celebrity chat messages featuring sex videos have led to police investigations and a bout of national soul-searching in South Korea
Trump administration takes its first steps to tighten economic sanctions on North Korea since last month’s summit
RT @coindesk: JUST IN: New analysis says 2018 @WSJ report "grossly exaggerated" claims of money laundering on @ShapeShift_io.…
Spending on Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video led the way as global revenue from digital media surpassed that from movie tickets
Critics warned that the action could effectively impose federal curbs on free speech
The state has been facing historic flooding from rain, snow melt; early estimate of $1.4 billion in damage
Some board members are frustrated that the consultant won’t assess a revised plan before the main phase of construction begins next month
The idea that your diet should be tailored to your body’s needs sounds high-tech, but it’s been part of Chinese cooking for millennia
Jordan Peele returns with another stunning achievement in the horror genre, Joe Morgenstern says, this time about a vacationing family accosted by their doppelgängers
Wait, what?!?? The @WSJ is ON IT!
The arrest threatens to raise tensions and provoke U.S. punitive measures
Opinion: Wealthy college applicants using SAT courses and other preparations don't take spots away from poor applicants, writes Hafeez Lakhani
Garuda Indonesia says passengers have lost confidence in the 737 MAX aircraft following two deadly crashes in recent months
Shareholders at Hyundai Motor and its auto parts affiliate Hyundai Mobis rejected Elliott’s proposals for one-time dividends totaling $6.2 billion
After locking up as many as a million people in camps in Xinjiang, Chinese authorities are destroying Uighur neighborhoods and purging the region's culture
Heard on the Street: China’s gaming giant capped an annus horribilis with a dismal set of quarterly numbers Thursday
Washington moves against Chinese shippers, keeping pressure on Pyongyang nuclear program
In New York, opponents to legalizing recreational marijuana are mounting a counteroffensive
Opinion: France's president feeds the perception of haughty arrogance that motivates the gilets jaunes protests, writes @ElioraKatz
Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal
A senior Boeing executive said fixes to software linked to at least one of the 737 MAX crashes should be ready within weeks
A Chinese education company backed by American investors is cracking down on how its Western teachers cover politically fraught topics
China has become one of the world’s largest producers of caviar and it is driving global prices down
The economic growth formula is pretty simple: Economic growth = Population growth (e.g., immigration) + Productivity growth. Good to see some positive signs wrt the latter. b28ae4b via @WSJ
"Gordon repeatedly explains why it is not possible to evaluate the impact of inventions through the GDP and price statistics..." GDP doesn't measure innovation. GDP = value at market prices of all final goods and services produced in a given time period.
Example: "Android’s operating system is open source ○ US GDP counts Android OS at zero ○ US GDP counts Android hardware at ~ zero since it is designed abroad (assembled using US parts and IP)"
You can't make this stuff up: men are wearing cosmetics to ace job interviews
Facebook took down the video of the Christchurch attack a half an hour after a user flagged it
Opinion: The most dangerous domestic problem facing America's federal government is the rapid growth of its budget deficit and national debt, writes Martin Feldstein
Easy answer - Wealth Tax
RT @KimberlyAmadeo: The Fed’s new ‘normal’ looks worrisome. via @WSJ
“To us, ESG is part of good portfolio management. We are here to make money. We’re not tree-huggers.” via @WSJ
RT @WSJ: Fifteen years ago, a generation of baby boomers built their dream homes. Now they can't sell them.
In Today's News: Google starts 'subscriptions lab' for local publishers, @WSJ plans to join Apple's paid news service & more:
This will be interesting to watch - attempt by Trump administration to enforce First Amendment free speech rights on university campuses by tying it to funding via @WSJ
RT @coindesk: JUST IN: New analysis says 2018 @WSJ report "grossly exaggerated" claims of money laundering on @ShapeShift_io.…
“It wouldn’t surprise me if this happens again.” The founder of 8Chan—the website used by the New Zealand shooter to announce his killing spree—says the website has gone too far. via @WSJ
RT @WSJ: After the New Zealand shooter used 8chan to announce his deadly plan, the website’s founder said he fears it could someday be link…
RT @tedmrogers: Page A1 of @WSJ "...the severity of the recent drop is raising concerns that [BTC] may never recover." @paulvigna you've be…
How Truth Disappears Into the Black Hole of Shoddy Journalism @WSJ
RT @mdudas: I am beyond stunned. The @WSJ is basically stating that they're commodity information. I plan to immediately unsubscribe from m…
JUST IN: New analysis says 2018 @WSJ report "grossly exaggerated" claims of money laundering on @ShapeShift_io. @La__Cuen reports
Begun, the Apple News Wars have. When my @WSJ sub renews in June it will be $467.88 for the year. Ouch. (Up from $395.88 just two years ago.) So the Apple News service might be worth it JUST for that.
RT @WSJRealEstate: Kushner relists Puck Penthouse for 36% less via @WSJ
Congrats, Julia! Looking forward to seeing your work at @WSJ (!!!)
The @WSJ's @briangormley on @FlagshipPioneer's new $824M special opportunities fund, raised to invest our growth-stage companies:
RT @juliaccarpenter: Hi! I started a new job today!! I’ll be reporting/writing about personal finance for @WSJ!!! I’m very excited as you c…
RT @WSJ: Google is fined $1.7 billion in the EU for imposing ad restrictions on third-party sites, its third antitrust penalty from the blo…
@jmackin2 makes a succinct point here: Europe's crisis response has not been much like Japan's - Japan had positive real interest rates for two full decades after its crisis via @WSJ
It will surprise no one to hear that I think Europe would be lucky to endure 'Japanification'.
Indeed, Japan's per-worker performance was bad in the 1990s, pretty bad indeed. Since 1991 they've had low GDP per worker (PPP) growth. Not that much lower than the eurozone or Germany, though
But if we're talking about this century, the stagnation argument is just wrong. In PPP terms, GDP per worker has risen more than in the UK or Germany, only US is really better of the major developed economies.
New L.A. Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong says he will invest what it takes to make the company ‘viable,’ is aiming for 5 million digital subscribers via @WSJ
RT @gabekleinman: 🧐 Oh hey a profile in @WSJ on @obviousvc "Obvious has carved out a reputation for spotting early some of the emerging mod…
RT @LauraKusisto: Common, the co-living company, is launching a new product targeted to families. via @WSJ
Will be interesting to see whether this is the first in a wave of charitable organizations/endowments scrutinizing their funding sources? via @WSJ
RT @gabekleinman: 🧐 Oh hey a profile in @WSJ on @obviousvc "Obvious has carved out a reputation for spotting early some of the emerging mod…
RT @aainfopro: Insurers will be watching your social-media posts via @WSJ
RT @WSJ: The inside story of how the National Enquirer got Jeff Bezos' racy texts: Its publisher paid $200,000 to the brother of the billio…
RT @JoannaStern: 1. You’d think this story was a script for a spinoff of Billions. But nope, just killer @WSJ reporting on this story. 2.…
Goldman is rolling out its own version of the NFL’s “Rooney Rule” 8a68c1be54f6faa2cf1d27d8ebdf1 via @WSJ
1. You’d think this story was a script for a spinoff of Billions. But nope, just killer @WSJ reporting on this story. 2. Why would anyone have photos of their sister’s boyfriend’s 🍆 on their phone?
this is why I continue to question Bezos's judgment in these matters
RT @LizaGoitein: My piece today in the @WSJ about the rare opportunity that exists in Congress right now to reform the National Emergencies…
RT @BryFitz: I’m not sure Facebook could have had a worse week. Check out this week’s @WSJ Tech newsletter for good stories you may have mi…
#Throwback to @Jason's legendary talk with @WSJ investigative reporter @JohnCarreyrou on how he helped take down the biggest fraud in Silicon Valley history, Elizabeth Holmes and @Theranos. Filmed in June 2018. Part 1 of 8. #Tech #Journalism #theranos
“Let’s get him, otherwise...he’s going to shoot all of us.” Acts of heroism in the New Zealand mosque massacres slowed a gunman, but didn’t stop him. via @WSJ
RT @mileskahn: Ah yes. Who can forget that infamous Lenny Bruce routine about how immigrants make this country dirtier? Thanks, @WSJ! https…
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