Smoke from Amazon fires, as well as blazes across Brazil’s western savanna, has spread over swaths of the country, with darkness descending on São Paulo two hours early this week
Airlines and the TSA are starting to scan faces to get people through security and the boarding gate faster. @MiddleSeat tests out the facial recognition technology and learns not all passengers are ready to opt-in.
Telecom companies are using a range of tactics to shift consumers onto faster, premium speed tiers. In some cases, that means boosting speeds free temporarily, then raising fees later.
From @WSJOpinion: This may be the biggest accounting fraud in history:
Federal deficits are projected to grow much more than expected over the next decade with the two-year budget agreement struck last month, CBO says
“You can’t just shift your business to Vietnam and expect to find what you’re looking for.” Manufacturers struggle to find an alternative to China.
The Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury, drafted Kyler Murray and are launching the wildest experiment in the NFL
Hundreds of pages of court documents released Tuesday shed new light on the U.S. case against Huawei and its finance chief
What do you pay for Internet? The WSJ is collecting home internet speeds and prices to compare costs across the country. Tell us about your bill. Read a WSJ investigation into faster internet.
Here’s what we’re watching in the markets today, with @AChilkoti #WSJWhatsNow
Breaking: The Trump administration said new rules will allow migrant children to be held in long-term detention with their parents rather than releasing them
U.S.-Taliban negotiations to end America’s longest military engagement overseas entered a crucial stage on Wednesday
In her second stint as speaker, a laser-focused Nancy Pelosi is shielding vulnerable Democrats from tough votes sought by progressives
Just as a reporter got her robocalls under control, she got hit by its evil sibling: the spam robotext
Northern Ireland faces the possibility that a new border following an abrupt British exit from the EU might again divide and inflame the region
U.S. companies are repurchasing shares at the slowest pace in 18 months, a potential sign of more volatility as the buyback bonanza from the tax overhaul wanes
The Fed minutes are expected to show committee divisions at the last meeting before policy makers’ decision to cut interest rates for the first time in more than a decade
In an unprecedented sale, Germany sells 30-year bonds with negative yields
What financial crisis? Home buyers with low credit scores or high debt levels are finding a more receptive mortgage market
President Trump said his supporters are strong believers in a constitutional right to bear arms, and that he is, too
Trump has renewed his attacks on the Fed, as his administration is weighing ways to boost the economy #WSJWhatsNow
Australia to join the effort to protect shipping in Strait of Hormuz, bolstering U.S. efforts to increase international pressure on Iran
A panel of Australian judges ruled 2-1 to uphold Cardinal George Pell’s conviction for assaulting two young choir boys in the late 1990s
Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal
Sightseeing from a chopper merely gets your heart pumping. For a bigger, more original thrill, try heli-biking, heli-surfing, even heli-yoga
Navigating a possible economic downturn would be a thorny issue for the president, who has made the economy a central selling point for his 2020 campaign
The new feature won’t allow users to delete the outsider data that other apps and websites send Facebook, but it will allow users to control what is linked to their profiles.
The breakdown of the government comes as Italy struggles to fully recover from the 2008 global financial crisis and its aftermath
President Trump’s planned visit to Denmark has been canceled after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen refuses to discuss Greenland sale
Harvey Weinstein's criminal case is headed to trial Sept. 9, but his lawyers say doing it in New York City would be unfair (corrects link)
Harvey Weinstein's criminal case is headed to trial Sept. 9, but his lawyers say doing it in New York City would be unfair
Australia will join a U.S.-led effort to protect shipping in Strait of Hormuz from attacks by Iran
From @WSJopinion: The Fed already has more power than an independent government agency should. Allowing it to go forward with a payment system plan that unnecessarily competes with the private sector makes no sense, writes Peter J. Wallison.
Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal
“Nobody knows what would make them take you,” said the girlfriend of a Hong Kong citizen detained in China
Cardinal George Pell, the most senior Catholic cleric ever to be jailed for child sexual abuse, has lost his appeal
Despite toned-down military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea, Pyongyang still sees saber rattling
From @WSJopinion: Why Conservatives don’t trust Facebook
Huawei CFO’s lawyers allege she was unlawfully detained and interrogated “under a ruse” by Canadian customs officers, police and U.S. authorities
Former Pemex CEO Emilio Lozoya allegedly received $2.8 million in bribes linked to the 2015 purchase of fertilizer company Fertinal
A Wall Street Journal examination of internet speeds found little benefit in upgrading beyond 100 megabits per second for typical American households
California is off to one of its slowest wildfire seasons in years
From @WSJopinion: If enough conservatives join progressives in seeing free trade as a threat to values, America could end up with protectionist policies for the foreseeable future. The free-market coalition is in urgent need of repair, writes Iain Murray.
President Trump canceled his visit to Denmark after its leader said she wouldn’t entertain his proposal to purchase Greenland
Officials say tourists hoping to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are often bombarded by deceptive pitches from aggressive vendors
U.S. expert panel identifies group of women at risk due to mutations of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes but urges against blanket assessments
This year is shaping up to be the first year that women make up the majority of the college-educated labor force, and it's changing the way companies structure compensation and benefits packages to attract qualified women
A panel of Australian judges ruled 2-1 to uphold Cardinal George Pell’s conviction for assaulting two young choir boys in the late 1990s
From @WSJopinion: What Hong Kongers most want from their government (and their sovereign) is some sign of respect. For all China’s alleged might and wisdom, apparently this is beyond reach, writes William McGurn.
With its new K-Duo line, Keurig is doubling down on its efforts to win over coffee snobs. Good luck with that.
“There’s an incredible opportunity in this particular area of medicine and health care, but it requires a systems change.” - @nanstrauss via @WSJ @everymomcounts
Adults are paying to re-enact recess, only with sore muscles and tweaked knees. “You go in and think, ‘I can do this,’ but I’m not 12 anymore.” via @WSJ
Chiba Bank, my first stock pick (sell) for the @WSJheard stock-picking contest, is down 1.5% today. It just needs to do that every day from now until mid-December when the contest concludes and I'll likely emerge victorious. via @WSJ
If you're a @WSJ subscriber you should join our summer stock-picking contest! Select from over 8,000 securities. The best performing (bought) stock or worst performing (sold) stock from the picked date to December 16 wins.
@Jasonfurman making the case that Trump's China strategy is not working via @WSJ
RT @SethBorko: Report in @WSJ that Airbnb has $3.5B in cash on its B/S! That pretty much confirms the estimate that we put out over a year…
An Economic Warning Sign: #RV Sales Are Slipping @WSJ: “The RV industry is better at calling recessions than economists are” #RVAcrossAmerica
RT @RBAdvisors: .@WSJ suggests RV shipments are a leading indicator of #recessions and shipments just turned negative. One can question whe…
RT @alexcho47: Gave some thoughts on the Tumblr sale to @mims at the @WSJ. There’s also an amazing quote from @kkatot 😂. Thanks @alicetiara…
RT @anniekarni: Catching up on Trump comments to reporters today. Amazing how quickly it goes from a @WSJ scoop with a WH "did not respon…
‘Strategically, for the United States, it would be nice,’ President Trump says of Greenland via @WSJ // how is this still a thing? Narrator: it was a dumb idea but double down to make it seem serious and cause someone to think maybe this is 5D chess.
RT @WSJ: “This is a chaos moment. If I pay the tariffs, I don’t have any money.” An importer of vinyl flooring struggles to cope with the l…
RT @Jasongay: New for @WSJ: From hotel room side tables to modern airports to whatever you call LaGuardia: My Endless Thirst for Power ht…
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