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Axe works out his inner demons through an “opportunity zone.” Does it make investment sense? Or is it just a way to make him feel better?
Follow key moments of the coronavirus outbreak in our multimedia timeline, featuring video diaries from some of the 100 young people we interviewed across the country.
A Montana school gym turns into a courtroom. A Texas judge oversees a Zoom jury trial. Courts are taking extraordinary measures to keep everyone safe.
Now that people can’t be in the office, many are seeing it for what it really was: an escape from domestic life
RT @WSJ: At least 107 people have been found to be infected with the coronavirus after some of them attended Sunday services at a church in…
“The only reason I’m leaving is for what I think of as a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Kevin Mayer said of his departure from Disney to lead TikTok
Our readers sent us pictures of their DIY haircuts. We got them feedback from the pros, including a hairstylist whose work has appeared in Vogue and “Project Runway.”
Industry executives said people are starting to book flights again, a potential inflection point after the pandemic decimated travel demand
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Shorter classes. More space between equipment. Instructors in face masks. This is what gyms look like as they start to reopen.
The White House imposed new restrictions on travel from Brazil, where the coronavirus has been spreading rapidly
We visited malls in Ohio, Texas and Georgia. Shoppers said they were eager to leave their homes and get a taste of normalcy. Retail workers said they felt anxious.
“I was able to be with my entire family and we all got infected,” said Andrea Bocelli of his time in quarantine. “But the fact is that we were all together, all in harmony.”
#WSJWhatsNow: The central bank delivers and the bulls and bears continue their tug of war. @paulvigna breaks down this week’s winners and losers.
From @WSJopinion: Vigilant hand-washing and social distancing will protect you much better than wearing a mask, writes @DrMarcSiegel
Some couples who had postponed their weddings for this summer or fall are again agonizing over whether to postpone until next year—or cancel altogether
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China’s once low-key diplomats have adopted an aggressive new stance. “The first step might be to wear the masks and shut up.”
Follow key moments of the outbreak in our multimedia timeline, featuring video diaries from some of the 100 young people we spoke to across the country
On March 22, Toledo hospital worker Nate Morris came home after a long work week feeling a bit off. By the time his girlfriend Kara Frey took him to the emergency room, he was sick with pneumonia and eventually had to be placed in a medical coma.
That same day, Mahum Khalid had achieved 45 days of sobriety. But when her city of San Francisco shut down a few days later, so did a mental health program she needed after addiction treatment.
The day the outbreak was declared a global pandemic, nurse and new mom Herine Baron was treating a patient with a fever at her Miami hospital. A week later, she started feeling sick and was subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19. So was her son.
A new mother returning to her job as a nurse after maternity leave. A student battling alcohol and drug addiction. A couple laying the foundations for a life together in their new home. This is how coronavirus changed their lives.
In California, the coronavirus pandemic has become a tale of two cities, with Los Angeles bearing a heavier burden than the San Francisco Bay Area
At least 107 people have been found to be infected with the coronavirus after some of them attended Sunday services at a church in Frankfurt two weeks ago
From Pelotons to “Animal Crossing,” these are the things that hooked us during the pandemic—and that we’ll likely stick with when it’s over
Raising your hand to go to the bathroom, increased cleaning on planes that could delay flight departures: this is the new age of air travel during the pandemic. #WSJWhatsNow
Some employers are sequestering workers to keep vital operations going and limit coronavirus risks. “It’s not an easy call to make, to say: ‘You can’t go home to your family and friends.’ ”
Animated shows have seen a 22% spike in viewership during lockdown—more than any other TV category
Amazon, Kroger and Rite Aid are among large U.S. retailers ending the extra pay offered to their front-line workers braving the pandemic
New York City data show the contrast between how coronavirus has affected lower-income and wealthier neighborhoods
If you’re not sure what 6 feet looks like, @nicnguyen has tech tools to help you stay socially distant #WSJWhatsNow
Notre Dame said it will bring all students back to campus and start the fall semester two weeks early
Seattle, with its booming tech industry, provides a pronounced version of the nation’s economic divide between companies and workers who can operate largely online and those who can’t
Growing outcry over the police killing of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black emergency-room technician, in her Louisville, Ky., home is stoking calls to end the use of no-knock warrants
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Fewer direct flights, longer layovers. Raise your hand to use the toilet. A new age of air travel is taking shape.
Banning mass gatherings might be enough to keep the pandemic in check, some scientists say
From @WSJopinion: That $3 trillion Pelosi stimulus bill isn’t about the coronavirus. It is a down payment on transforming the U.S. into California and New York, writes @DanHenninger
One idea is a proposal from Republican Sen. Rob Portman to provide a temporary $450-a-week bonus for unemployed workers returning to work, on top of their wages
Hot weather usually heats up the job market for teenagers. But the coronavirus is hurting the outlook for summer jobs.
China's foreign minister defended his country's handling of the coronavirus and called for more cooperation with the U.S. to address the pandemic
States paid inflated prices for supplies to fight Covid-19. Now the president has the power to decide if FEMA will fully repay them—and which ones.
Israel's prime minister faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery, the most serious charge
When Italy prohibited funerals during its lockdown, it left bereaved families in a kind of mourners’ limbo. Many are still waiting to lay their dead to rest.
"One country, two systems has gone now," a Hong Kong protester says. "The only option left to restore our own system is independence."
Some of the world’s largest companies are exploring hydrogen as a potential solution to growing energy needs. @Neanda1 explores how water is made into fuel. #WSJWhatsNow
The pandemic has made it hard for Joe Biden to conduct the traditional tryouts for his old job, so an existing rapport with the former vice president could give certain contenders an edge
A Pakistan International Airlines plane crashes in Karachi, Memorial Day weekend begins as restrictions ease, central Michigan is flooded as dams break and more from @WSJphotos
Prom gets a coronavirus-era makeover: “This is one thing that can make them relax and forget about the stress of Covid-19.”
From @WSJopinion: Why should taxpayers in Florida and other well-managed states pay higher taxes to rescue an Albany political class that refuses to restrain its tax-and-spend governance?
Investors are buying new bonds from riskier Asian companies again as China’s property sector gains momentum
The shale drillers that made America the world’s leading oil producer will take years to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, executives say
A very rare syndrome in some children infected with Covid-19 has parents worried and could influence officials’ calls on reopening gathering places
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A "truth sandwich" rewrite for @WSJ: The Constitution says powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states. Trump said today he would "override the governors" if they don't back his call to reopen churches this weekend. The President has no such authority.
A study of hospitalized patients with Covid-19 infections provided a sign that blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients improve survival rates via @WSJ
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Silicon Valley’s Next Big Office Idea: Work From Anywhere @WSJ: “Many tech companies will have workforces that are scattered well beyond Silicon Valley” #RiseOfRest
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Look at Elmo, the new king of Not-Too-Late night getting premium placement on the @WSJ homepage today
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RT @WSJ: Breaking: The University of California will phase out the SAT and ACT admissions exams over the next five years. The tests have be…
Senators Chris Van Hollen and Pat Toomey to introduce bipartisan bill that would sanction Chinese party officials and entities who enforce new national-security laws in Hong Kong via @WSJ
RT @mims: One of the things that @WSJ's news app lets me do is follow individual journalists, so I get a push alert whenever they publish.…
RT @mims: One of the things that @WSJ's news app lets me do is follow individual journalists, so I get a push alert whenever they publish.…
RT @resistico: @WSJ @WSJopinion One kid is one kid too many, especially if it’s yours, but I say the same thing about school shootings.
RT @WSJ: A United Nations staff member in Yemen died of Covid-19, as international agencies warned the pandemic could spiral out of control…
From @WSJopinion: Rare serious cases bear watching, but overall risk appears to be low.
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Superspreader Events Offer a Clue on Curbing Coronavirus via @WSJ
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RT @chargrille: @WSJ @WSJopinion "The syndrome appears to develop two to six weeks after infection with Covid-19 and affects mostly childre…
RT @chargrille: @WSJ @WSJopinion "It's becoming clear that many of the children with the new syndrome have damage to their hearts & need im…
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How @WSJ connects with readers during #COVID19
RT @srussolillo: Are you looking for a new job? @WSJ wants to help. Here's a guide and a bunch of tips for your job search during coronavir…
Systemically lower birthrates + a more restrictive immigration policy = bad news for long-term economic growth in the US. via @WSJ
RT @murraymatt: This was Karen Blumenthal’s last piece for @WSJ, a delightful profile of her husband @MiddleSeat⁩ from last year that is al…
Talked with the author of "Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance" @tomaspueyo about where we are + what the coming months will likely look like, video just posted Also watch @fidjissimo and @jimkwik + others 👇
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