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How is your spirit today?
THE MASK #blacklivesmatter #daywalkersociety #daywalker360 @daywalkerklique
“Teachers teach, students learn”- a speech by James Baldwin on #BlackLivesMatter https://youtu.be/Vbj0oZYucKs
2020 will forever be the year all Americans collectively said: Enough is ENOUGH! #AmericaAgainstHate
Be safe. Please. My heart is with you. 🙏🏿
Felt ❤️ #KeedronBryant
Artist Appreciation 👌🏿 @the1theycallstu 🔥 Fire!
Sometimes the most high will remove someone from your life because conversations about you were heard...just not heard by you. Trust the removal process🙏🏿
Let’s continue to catch some positive vibes today 🙏🏿 as the world has stood still...what has this time allowed you to evaluate about yourself? Any positive changes you are happy to be working on?
I look forward to you seeing the film 🙏🏿 https://twitter.com/dsbronx/status/1262077228042596353
Always at least one...always lol https://twitter.com/cedfunches/status/1262076579619848193
Social media is a special place. The only place where you can say something peaceful and it will still cause someone internal outrage. Find your peace 🙏🏿
Bless her little heart 🙏🏿 #NeverBeen https://twitter.com/stfuimtweetn0_o/status/1262069110424440834
A difference in opinion should never resort to foul language & insults. Successful communication starts from a place of internal peace.
RT @Notic3: @wesleysnipes My package just came in the mail 🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏽
Artist Appreciation 🙏🏿 @ax1234ax great work! 🙌🏿
This world is cruel at times. This world is unfair at other times. However I hope those of you with pure hearts never lose the gift you have in making this world a better place. May we always find the human in humanity.
Sending my most sincere love to the family of #AhmaudArbery 🙏🏿
Little man has had enough! 😂
Movies that had a profound impact on me...📺 (sign up or click already signed up to read the article) https://aframe.oscars.org/features/movies-that-had-a-profound-impact-on-me
Another great discovery of talent! WOW! Thanks for sharing this http://Instagram.com/thequietbubble 🙌🏿 #masakakidsafricana are incredible!
OG Daywalker, Brother Wes, remains divinely inspired and spiritually motivated in ALL things. To the multi- hyphenate Skill Masters down with the Klique...protect your neck and ELEVATE!!! Remember PRAYER Works and FAITH is a substance. So Stock Up!
How are YOU holding up today?
#AhatiKilindiIyi #AhatiKilindiIyi Master Shahman, Master Warrior, Master Teacher, Loyal Friend, a Heaven of a Man! Oh how you inspired me!!! I'll keep the flame burning.
What movie would you like us to feature in a future Academy watch party?
That's a wrap on our first #WatchWithTheAcademy party! Thanks to @wesleysnipes, @MrCraigRobinson, @MyBrewTube, @Scottcantype, @Karaszewski, @EricSteelberg and @iamRuthECarter for sharing some great stories and a special thanks to all of YOU for watching and tweeting with us!
@iamRuthECarter Totally Cinamagical baby!
Fat Joe, Big Pun crew, BX where ya at?! Gun Hill ave, Tremont ave, Boston Rd. holla back.
COVID-19 "Get ta truckin baby!"
The world is upside down . Set 'em straight Dolemite!
Lord the world is all upside down. Tell 'em Dolemite!
5 pm PT It's time to put cho weight on it! Netflix Dolemite Is My Name, #WatchWithTheAcademy; #DaywalkerKlique, # MorenosBX
DAYWALKER KLIQUE..STAND UP!!! Join me today at 5pm PT where I'll be live tweeting “Dolemite is My Name” ##WatchWithTheAcademy, #DaywalkerKlique
Butter pop corn , greasy fingers and a fruit punch on the side. Ahhh shemalakahalkalalatuaya!
Join me today at 5pm PT where I'll be live tweeting “Dolemite is My Name” and sharing behind the scenes stories from the making of it! All you need is NETFLIX and popcorn! #WatchWithTheAcademy
It's gonna be a "cineaglorious" extravaganza! https://twitter.com/TheAcademy/status/1247540402950770688
All countries can submit photos!
If you will miss out on prom, I still want to see you get fly. I’ll repost all 2020 highschool prom pics and tags via twitter & Instagram. Yes, the pics you’ll take at home if you miss prom & graduation! You deserve to be celebrated!
🙏🏿 https://twitter.com/nitut1/status/1245818766719672321
👏🏿much love brother! https://twitter.com/joedefc/status/1245810127602700288
If you missed prom, I still want to see you get fly. I’ll repost all 2020 prom pics and tags via twitter & Instagram. You deserve to be celebrated!
RT @wesleysnipes: Pfft! I can do this with my eyes closed 😴 -BLADE 😂 he has skills though! (Video via http://www.instagram.com/thequietbubble) https://…
😂 https://twitter.com/snarkondeck/status/1245442231798059010
I am safe at home like everyone else 🙏🏿 https://twitter.com/anneklepac/status/1245550783745179648
RT @CarmaDee: Your quarantine name is how you feel right now and the last thing you ate. You can call me “Bored Muffin” What’s your nam…
Pfft! I can do this with my eyes closed 😴 -BLADE 😂 he has skills though! (Video via http://www.instagram.com/thequietbubble)
The sound effects 😂 https://twitter.com/cocosworld/status/1242180965553881089
RT @Nemesis_TMM: The Bible.
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