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The most adorable moment of The Championships? #Wimbledon
There's always a new story to be created... #JoinTheStory #Wimbledon
So @DjokerNole, why do you keep eating the #Wimbledon grass? 🌱😋
In 1957, Althea Gibson changed tennis forever. With help from @Venuseswilliams and some of Althea's closest friends, we revisit the remarkable tale of a true trailblazer. Apple Podcasts:
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A masterclass in court coverage 💨 Sit back and enjoy @Simona_Halep’s best ten points of The Championships 2019...
“It’s really awesome to know that Serbia and Romania, that are neighbouring countries, are doing so well on the world stage” 🇷🇴🇷🇸 Mutual respect between our two singles champions 👏 #Wimbledon
Who will end up with the most Grand Slam titles? 🤔 #Wimbledon
"I was missing a shot because it's in my face. I just needed to get it out of the way, put the business bun up" Some of the very best quotes of The Championships were something else 🤣 #Wimbledon
Five #Wimbledon crowns, won within a single decade. An all-time great. @DjokerNole 👏
From an unexpected water display on court to friendly fire from @JelenaOstapenk8, The Championships had more than its fair share of funny moments 🤣
From @CocoGauff"s heroics at the age of 15 to @DjokerNole emulating an old favourite, the numbers from The Championships make for interesting reading... #Wimbledon
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At the 2019 Champions' Dinner, it was time to celebrate a Championships to remember... #Wimbledon | @DjokerNole | @Simona_Halep
#OnThisDay last year, @DjokerNole was crowned #Wimbledon champion. Not much has changed…
The Championships may be over for another year, but there's plenty to look forward to at #Wimbledon in 2020...
Your moment of The Championships was __________? #Wimbledon
Just 350 days to wait until The Championships, 2020 🙄 #Wimbledon
RT @WimbledonFdn: We're delighted to welcome back Omar this morning together with students from his school @WestminsterAca and local school…
#Wimbledon might be over, but there is still time to #JoinTheStory. We’re LIVE on Coffee Morning and we’re looking back at what has been a brilliant two weeks of tennis in SW19.
World No.1 @DjokerNole is well known for his physical fitness, but Sunday's final required toughness of a different kind... #Wimbledon fth_trophy.html
Talk about saving the best for last 👏👏 #Wimbledon
The inaugural Quad Wheelchair Champion sets his sights on the ultimate tennis goal. #Wimbledon | @DylanAlcott
“I didn't become a tennis player for that." #Wimbledon
Your 2019 Champions 🏆 #Wimbledon
A fortnight to remember for @BaraStrycova 🙌 #Wimbledon
One for the history books... #Wimbledon
It was a fitting finale to an unforgettable Championships. Take a look at Day 13 of #Wimbledon through the @Oppo lens 📸 #AceTheShot
Memories to last a lifetime... #Wimbledon | #JoinTheStory
What a day for sport!!! @LewisHamilton wins the Grand Prix, the cricket went down to the last ball and best of all my dude @DjokerNole won @Wimbledon for the fifth time in what was the greatest game of tennis I can ever remember watching.
What a Fortnight it's been. Until next year 👋 #Wimbledon
A kiss goodnight 😘🏆 #Wimbledon
Simply unbelievable 😱 The hot shots from the final day of #Wimbledon were a fitting end to a phenomenal year at The Championships...
How do you sum up a final like that? 🤯 @IBM take a deeper look into how @DjokerNole won his fifth title in a #Wimbledon epic...
A final to go down in history... With shots like this from @rogerfederer, it's easy to see why 🤯 #Wimbledon
An unforgettable Fortnight... #Wimbledon | #JoinTheStory
It's been quite a Championships for @BaraStrycova... Singles: Semi-finals Doubles: Champions #Wimbledon
"Champions together" @BaraStrycova and Su-Wei Hsieh close out this year’s Championships by winning the ladies’ doubles title, beating Dabrowski/ Xu 6-2, 6-4 #Wimbledon
Strap yourselves in... @HSBC_Sport Play of the Day is, of course, the longest rally in a #Wimbledon men's singles final... EVER! 😍 @DjokerNole | @rogerfederer
A point to leave you breathless 😱 @rogerfederer and @DjokerNole put on quite the show in a #Wimbledon final to remember...
*CTRL+C* *CTRL+V* #Wimbledon | @DjokerNole
Fifth-time feels 😁 #Wimbledon | @DjokerNole
It looked awfully familiar... #Wimbledon
From one great to another #Wimbledon | @Martina | @DjokerNole
*How* do you do this to save Championship point? #Wimbledon @DjokerNole
Back-to-back fantastic 💫 #Wimbledon | @DjokerNole
"When I was a boy... I used to make the trophies out of different materials in my room" @DjokerNole's childhood dream has become a reality for a fifth time... #Wimbledon
Absolutely epic match. @Wimbledon Men’s Championship. @DjokerNole @rogerfederer #historical
Sweet 16. Grand Slam title No.16 for @DjokerNole 😘 #Wimbledon
“At 37, it’s not over yet!" For @rogerfederer, the pursuit of more Grand Slam glory continues... #Wimbledon
15 consecutive years at #Wimbledon 5 titles. @DjokerNole 👏
That @Wimbledon final had us like... Congrats @DjokerNole and @rogerfederer both! Legends in a historic, epic battle at #Wimbledon. 🤯
AN INSTANT CLASSIC! Novak Djokovic wins his 5th @Wimbledon title, defeating Roger Federer in a marathon match.
Unbelievable. Unshakeable. Unstoppable. @DjokerNole wins his fifth #Wimbledon title in an instant classic, defeating Roger Federer 7-6(5), 1-6, 7-6(4), 4-6, 13-12(3) #JoinTheStory
An all-time #Wimbledon classic...
Neither Federer nor Djokovic are letting up in the fifth set. Tune in to the finish at the @Wimbledon Final LIVE on ESPN:
Instant classic brewing 🍿 Roger Federer forces a fifth and deciding set against Novak Djokovic in the @Wimbledon Final LIVE on ESPN:
UCity #breakfastatwimbledon: watching the living room screen from my deck, Greek yogurt with fresh peaches/blackberries. Only wrinkle: sound not in sync because @Wimbledon radio runs quite behind. (should probably clean the window, too)
Mate. Huge. Congrats. @DylanAlcott @Wimbledon #Wimbledon #Australia
Djokovic wins the first set against Federer in a tight tiebreaker. Catch the @Wimbledon Finals LIVE on ESPN right now:
Djokovic vs. Federer is underway! Watch the @Wimbledon Finals LIVE on ESPN:
RT @Wimbledon: "She literally played out of her mind. Whenever a player plays that amazing you just have to take your hat off" @serenawill…
HISTORY AT @Wimbledon! Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah are the first Colombians to win a Grand Slam Men's Doubles title! 🇨🇴
Four sets, four tiebreakers. An incredibly close @Wimbledon Men's Doubles Final is heading to a 5th and deciding set LIVE on ESPN 👀
What a moment! Simona Halep wins her first @Wimbledon title and takes it all in.
Simona Halep is EVERYWHERE on the court 😮 Serena Williams' road to her 24th major win won't be easy at the @Wimbledon Finals on ESPN:
Simona Halep is EVERYWHERE on the court 😮 She has an early 4-1 lead on Serena Williams in the 1st set of the @Wimbledon Finals on ESPN:
Had such a wonderful time at @Wimbledon with @HollyBranson
Epic battle of the titans!!!! Can’t wait for Sunday! @Wimbledon @rogerfederer @RafaelNadal
Amazing match well deserved win by @rogerfederer I had some chances but... Roger played better. Good luck for the final @Wimbledon 2019. Thanks all for the support. Always fantastic to be here. See you next year! 😘
Roger Federer is back in the Finals! He defeats Rafael Nadal in four sets to reach his 12th @Wimbledon Final.
Roger Federer recovers to take the third set against Nadal! He is now one set away from reaching the @Wimbledon Final. Watch the match live on ESPN:
Federer faces off against Nadal ... with a trip to the @Wimbledon Final on the line! Watch the match live on ESPN:
Congrats @DjokerNole and @serenawilliams for guaranteeing epic @Wimbledon finals for tennis fans. How awesome we get to watch these people execute so insanely for so long.
Back to defend his @Wimbledon crown 👑 … Novak Djokovic defeats Roberto Bautista Agut in 4 sets and advances to his 6th Wimbledon Final!
The Joker advances to the @Wimbledon Final 🔥 Novak Djokovic now has the most 4-set Grand Slam wins in Open Era history (64).
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