XOXO is an experimental festival for independent artists who live and work online, taking place in Portland, Oregon on September 5-8, 2019.
✨📼 Newly added to the XOXO Video lineup: we’re thrilled to announce that filmmaker @matthewACherry will screen Hair Love, his ridiculously charming Kickstarter-funded animated short film. https://twitter.com/MatthewACherry/status/1161710748717875200
You can see the full lineup at https://2019.xoxofest.com!
And @SayItLoudPBS producer/co-host @Hallease joins us to share their latest episode! https://twitter.com/SayItLoudPBS/status/1161711359219949568
Baman Piderman/Later Alligator creators @SmallBuStudio are back to show something new and secret, and we can’t wait for you to see it.
🌹✊ XOXO stands with @PopMobPDX, @RoseCityAntifa, and everyone else fighting fascism and white supremacy here in Portland, and around the country. Stay safe out there!
🎏🎉 Our friends at @glitch are bringing Appy Hour to XOXO 2019, a free app showcase and meet-and-greet for the extended Glitch and XOXO communities. Got a Glitch project you want to make or share? Details here. https://twitter.com/glitch/status/1161342756372922368
✨🎲 At XOXO Tabletop, @twogetherstudio brings a super-secret playtest of their newly-announced The Adventure Zone tabletop game, and @arnaud_debock will preview Reigns: The Council, an upcoming card game based on the popular videogame.
✨📼 At XOXO Video, @briamgilbert will premiere a brand new episode of Unraveled, his Polygon show where he digs into videogame lore deeper than anyone should.
✨👾 We’ve also added @Teknopants' Samurai Gunn 2 and the charming @calicogame to the list of incredible unreleased games at XOXO Arcade. More soon! https://2019.xoxofest.com
✨🎙️ At XOXO Story, @RottenInDenmark and @Remember_Sarah will stage the first live episode of You're Wrong About…, one of our favorite new podcasts.
✨🎤 New additions to the XOXO 2019 lineup: we're thrilled to announce @LeftAtLondon, a ferociously talented indie pop artist and video creator, will speak at the Conference!
🏨⌛ If you haven’t booked a hotel for XOXO 2019 yet, this is your last chance! The Jupiter’s sold out, and we’re down to the last 10 rooms in our deeply-discounted block at the Hilton Downtown, over $100/night off their normal rate. https://explore.xoxofest.com/guide/hotels
🚌✨ Both hotels are also dedicated stops on our (complimentary! accessible! now much more reliable!) shuttle route, which runs all weekend long.
🏨⏲️ Still planning your trip to XOXO? Our discounted hotel blocks at the Jupiter (just 10m from Revolution Hall!) and the Hilton Downtown are almost totally sold out! https://explore.xoxofest.com/guide/hotels
Thank you so much to our team, to everyone at @drip and @kickstarter who helped us over the last few months, and to everyone in our community who provided advice, insights, and support along the way 💛
💔 Earlier this year, we announced that we'd partnered with @kickstarter to build a new platform to succeed @drip. Today, we're announcing that we're cancelling the project. We wrote a little about why. https://explore.xoxofest.com/blog/2019-the-wrong-right-way/
🎟️💨 All passes for XOXO 2019 are now sold out! If you were randomly selected in the lottery and registered for a pass, we'll see you in September! 🙌
🎟️💨 Update: our full Conference + Festival passes for XOXO 2019 are now sold out! The lottery is still distributing our remaining Festival Only passes—keep your eyes peeled!
✨✈️ Also! Don't miss the Southwest (not a sponsor 👀) sale if you haven't booked your flights to PDX yet! https://www.southwest.com/html/promotions/nationwide_sale_NonstopConnect_190604.html Up to 50% off usual fares! Ends tonight at midnight PT.
✨🏨 If you're already registered, we've got some great preferred rates on our fav Portland hotels for y’all! https://explore.xoxofest.com/guide/hotels Get on it, availability is limited!
💌🤞 Reminder! Our lottery is still randomly distributing passes—but we're getting _very_ close to selling out! Keep an eye on your inbox (check yr spam!) or you can log in to http://my.xoxofest.com/login to check your status.
🔮🤞 Our lottery is still randomly distributing passes—but we're getting close to selling out! Keep an eye on your inbox, or you can log in to http://my.xoxofest.com/login to check your status.
📢🙏 XOXO 2019 is _not_ sold out yet! Our lottery sends invites in batches and gives folx 48 hours to claim a pass before sending more. We still have a ways to go, it'll be a few more days. Hold tight!
We know this is a very specific and occasionally fraught process. We are totally here to answer questions! Just @reply us, or email hi@xoxofest.com! ✨
Reminder: you’ll have 48 hours to purchase. If you opt not to purchase, our lottery will notify someone else. Our passes are non-transferable, but we’ll refund up until Friday, August 16th.
🎟️🤞 We’ve started our lottery! Passes will be randomly distributed over the next few days. Keep an eye on your inbox, or you can log in to https://my.xoxofest.com/login to check your status.
😅 Registration is officially closed for XOXO 2019! Thanks to everyone for signing up—we’re reviewing your surveys over the holiday weekend and we’ll start distributing passes beginning on Tuesday.
⌛ Last chance! 90 minutes before XOXO 2019 registration closes! https://2019.xoxofest.com/
⏳ Registration for XOXO 2019 closes *tomorrow* (Thursday 23rd) at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. We'll begin distributing passes through our lottery early next week! https://2019.xoxofest.com
⌛ Four days left to get your surveys in for XOXO 2019! Registration closes this Thursday at noon PT/pm ET. https://2019.xoxofest.com/
💡 Did you know there are abortion funds across the U.S. that help people find and pay for abortions? Find your closest fund and donate directly: https://abortionfunds.org/need-abortion (PNW: we're covered by https://nwaafund.org)
📢⚡️ ICYMI: we announced our starting lineup for XOXO 2019 yesterday! Registration is now open, and you have until May 23rd to sign up for our pass lottery. https://2019.xoxofest.com/
Like every year, we’ll keep adding new performers and projects right up until September. Alright, you’ve got 10 days to register! See you on the other side! https://2019.xoxofest.com/
XOXO Story features live performances of @yoisthisracist w/@TrondyNewman and @AndrewTi, @AllusionistShow, Everything Is Alive with @ianchillag, and (of course) @punchupthejam Live w/@miel and @electrolemon. Plus: Earworm's @estellecaswell and @TheeNerdwriter at XOXO Video!
XOXO Tabletop spotlights a growing lineup of new and upcoming games including @UnrulyWarBirds' Rosenstrasse, @LederGames' Root: The Underworld, @tiltfactor's Mechanica, @wavelengthdaily, @jeriellsworth's Tilt Five, and @AsmadiGames' 1001 Odysseys.
Plus, @SmallBuStudio and @pillowfightio's Later Alligator, @q_dork/@bad_tetris's Consume Me, @chevyray's Ikenfell, @moonlightkids_' The Wild at Heart, and both Spelunky 2 and UFO 50 from @mossmouth—with more to come!
This year's Arcade brings the designers of some of our favorite upcoming games to show off playable previews of @DoubleFine's Psychonauts 2, @killerqueenblk, @christinelove's Get in the Car, Loser!, @gutefabrik's Mutazione…
We're thrilled to announce that two of our favorite people, The Allusionist's @HelenZaltzman and Song Exploder's @HrishiHirway, will be guest-hosting the conference all weekend.
This year's Conference lineup features @brokeymcpoverty, @SlaylerJ, @RheaButcher, @Hbomberguy, @hooleil, @thelindsayellis, @Karnythia, @TheGoodDeath, @ameliarnp, @emilynagoski, @EmmaKinema, @the_jennitaur, @blackbelteagles, and @hundredrabbits, with more to come!
🎉🎟 XOXO returns to Revolution Hall with four days of incredible speakers, performances, and projects. Surveys close on May 23! https://2019.xoxofest.com/
We wrote a little about the tradeoffs that came from supersizing XOXO last year, and why we’re back to our previous size and venue this year. https://explore.xoxofest.com/blog/2019-05-07-announcing-xoxo-2019
✨🎟 This Tuesday, we’re announcing the XOXO 2019 launch lineup and opening surveys! Learn more about how registration works here. https://explore.xoxofest.com/guide/registration
🌈📚 Last 24 hours! @bookswpictures is raising funds for building improvements and moving expenses as they take over the Longfellow’s Books building. Get there! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bookswithpictures/books-with-pictures-great-big-move
🌈📚 Our favorite inclusive queer-friendly comic book store @bookswpictures is raising funds to buy the Longfellow’s Books building—to create a dedicated home for diverse comics in Portland. Help 'em out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bookswithpictures/books-with-pictures-great-big-move
✨ Our friends at Layers just announced details for their 2019 event! Get your tickets before they're gone! https://twitter.com/layersconf/status/1108034181014020096
The only (other) good conference. https://twitter.com/layersconf/status/1108034181014020096
In a heartfelt and funny closing address, @harikondabolu on why he made "The Problem with Apu," the uninformed criticism from people who never bothered watching it, and why representation matters. https://youtu.be/FwCMFEHdTeU
P.S. Watch the fucking movie. TruTV: https://www.trutv.com/shows/the-problem-with-apu/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Problem-Apu-Season-1/dp/B077GB9J33 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/the-problem-with-apu/id1303756893 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/tv/show/The_Problem_with_Apu?id=G3Nu6dC6vXD_mBiaASQXQw
RT @xoxo: ✨💼 We’re working on a new platform to showcase and support the work of independent artists—and we’re hiring! Details within: http…
WE AGREE! @lizzo @RGAy Let’s make this happen on stage at XOXO 2019! Intimate venue, supportive audience, and we'll film it and release it online immediately after. https://twitter.com/rgay/status/1102697570856521728
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