Congrats to Malaysaia's cloud kitchen startup @dah_makan (YC S17) on raising their Series A:
FlareAgent (YC S19), a platform that automates real estate transactions, launches out of YC:
Join Y Combinator’s 3rd Annual Career Expo on June 29th, 2019 by @rchoi
New episode is up. Vidit Aatrey (@viditaatrey) on Building Meesho, India’s Top Reselling Platform, with Adora Cheung (@nolimits)
RT @gralston: I am overwhelmed by the words of support from so many people as I begin my new job at @ycombinator Thanks @sama , @paulg , a…
RT @ppl_ai: Excited to announce our Series C round, led by ICONIQ Capital and joined by @a16z, @lightspeedvp, and @ycombinator and our newe…
RT @segment: Mark Hansen, co-founder of @upsolvebk Upsolve and an early member of @segment’s Startup Program, shares his story of turning h…
RT @mwseibel: Request for Startups: Government 2.0
Watch Michael Seibel (@mwseibel) explain it here:
We have a new Request for Startups: Government 2.0
RT @patrickc: YC made a great choice by handing over the reins to @gralston. Below is a photo of the occasion Sam mentions in his post. (Ou…
One of the most genuine, thoughtful friends I've known. Every time I get to spend time with @gralston I learn. This is great for YC @ycombinator promotes Geoff Ralston to president, while Sam Altman shifts to advisor role
Geoff Ralston Is YC's New President
RT @mwseibel: New video on how working at big tech companies can be a trap for future startup founders.
RT @anuhariharan: Many awesome @ycombinator companies on this 2019 CNBC Disruptor list - @Airbnb @stripe @flexport @DoorDash @convoyteam @…
YC W16's @outschooler talks to @ChristensenInst about building edtech that fosters students’ connections across the world:
Working at Big Tech Companies Can Be a Trap - Michael Seibel (@mwseibel)
When is the Right Time to Apply to Y Combinator? By Jared Friedman (@snowmaker)
Last day to sign up for group office hours in Toronto on May 21:
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for group office hours with YC's @mwseibel and @nolimits in Toronto on May 21:
Congrats to the @livefeather (YC S17) team! Feather raises $12M and launches in LA and Orange County:
RT @cjgbest: Great conversation with @jgill333. We asked each other some tough questions: do people actually want accurate metrics for thei…
New episode is up. Monetizing Podcasts and Newsletters – Chris Best (@cjgbest) of Substack and Jonathan Gill (@jgill333) of Backtracks
YC S14's @SFOX is partnering with M.Y. Safra Bank to offer FDIC-insured accounts to institutional investors on their crypto trading platform:
Read the application that got Simple Habit (YC W17), the 'Spotify for meditation', into Y Combinator:
We're headed to Toronto next week. Sign up to join @mwseibel and @nolimits for group office hours on May 21:
RT @mwseibel: Organizing and motivating teams of people over a long period of time is one of the few things that separates good founders fr…
RT @volans_i: Excited to announce $20M in funding by @lightspeedvp, with support from @ycombinator. The funding will enable us to expand ou…
Long-Term Stock Exchange (YC S17) gets SEC approval:
If you're building a startup and want feedback from YC's @mwseibel and @nolimits, sign up to join us for office hours in Toronto on May 21:
BillionToOne (YC S17) to Launch Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Test; Plans Liquid Biopsy Products:
We're hosting group office hours in Toronto on May 21. Sign up to join us :
New video is up. How to Create Luck by Dalton Caldwell (@daltonc)
Applications for YC China Fall 2019 Are Open:
RT @mwseibel: Excited to be doing office hours and speaking at LeanStartup Conference this year. Looking forward to meeting a lot of great…
YC W18's @culturebiosci is offering YC alumni $15k in free fermentation credits:
Welcome to YC, @colab_software (YC S19): CoLab Software Becomes First Atlantic Canada Startup to Join Y Combinator
New episode is up. HubSpot CEO and cofounder Brian Halligan (@bhalligan) with Kevin Hale (@ilikevests)
Spaceflight strikes a deal to put rideshare satellites on @relativityspace's (YC W16) rocket:
As concerns over medical device security rise, @MedCrypt (YC W19) raises $5.3 million:
YC's @mwseibel and @nolimits will be in Toronto on May 21. Join us for group office hours:
Congrats to @SendBird (YC W16) on raising an additional $50M for their messaging API tool:
WorldCover (YC W16) raises $6M round for emerging markets’ climate insurance:
How @FrontApp's (YC S14) Mathilde Collin runs one-on-one meetings:
RT @gustaf: Y Combinator is visiting Mexico City. I'm being interviewed by @freddier and @PameVls tomorrow night. Still a couple spots left…
RT @nolimits: I’ll be interviewing @getpeid, co-founder of @oneplus, for the @ycombinator podcast. What questions do you have for him?
Nigerian startup Tizeti (YC W17) launches IP voice call service:
Congrats to AccioJob (YC W19) on raising funds to build a central placement platform for companies to hire from campuses in India:
RT @nolimits: I'll be interviewing @viditaatrey, co-founder & CEO of @meeshoapp on the YC podcast. What questions should I ask?
RT @KQEDarts: Meet Dom Fines (@domoniquefines), an #OUSD grad who's opening up doors in tech through @ycombinator, a top startup accelerato…
YC W15's @Razorpay launches Razorpay Payment Pages on @ProductHunt -- an easy way to set up an online store:
The marketing strategy that took @LUSbrands (YC W18) to $1 million a month in revenue:
Congrats to @shiokmeats (YC W19) on raising $4.6 Million To Develop Cell-Based Shrimp:
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