here's to what you DID like #YouTubeRewind 2019
My Advice to Some of the Richest People on the Planet | DailyVee 599 via @YouTube
Who's ready to get Icy with an exclusive performance from @Kimpetras?! Watch Kim, @Codyko @thenoelmiller @MKBHD @K8theChemist and surprise guests at the #Streamys on Friday!
As @SarahFisher also noted, @Facebook – the world's biggest social network, with the ability to share a #DemDebate livestream into the newsfeed of 221 million US users – isn't a partner in these 4 debates. Neither is @YouTube. It would be surprising if both don't co-host any.
The role @Twitter will play isn't entirely clear yet, but we can guess: a dedicated URL for livestreaming with hashtags & maybe sourcing questions. A 2015 #DemDebate had a tweeted question: What if hosts posed the most retweeted questions? Too gameable?
How Bitcoin Could Become A World Reserve Currency By 2020 via @YouTube
Trump OUTED For Stealing From Veterans, Kids, & MORE via @YouTube @AmmarForCA50 @USAirForce92 @DeptVetAffairs @VFPNational @VFWHQ @DAVHQ @PVA1946 @ConcernedVets @veteransunited @USArmy @USNavy @naretevduorp @usairforce @USMC
REAL SHT "Memphis Soul Stew" (live) King Curtis & The Kingpins via @YouTube
RT @camerontomisser: Today @Golnaz89 and I did our first @YouTube play button unboxing! I've said it many times, but working at @ch9 is an…
Cooked up a special surprise (with just one 🤚🏽 ayeee) for the kids at @eoydc with @palm. #LifeMode Check out the full video on my @YouTube channel 👉🏽
RT @TheRealYoG: @MrChuckD @YouTube “In order to lead the people you gotta love the people To save the people you gotta serve the people To…
RT @SusanWojcicki: .@YouTube, we take it very seriously when creators share stories about harassment. Today we announced an update to our h…
RT @JoshBaze: This Wednesday- it’s on. @iHeartRadio streamed live on their @YouTube channel.
A mysterious video appeared on my YouTube feed. Brian Eno might have something to do with it... Everything's On the Up With the Tories! via @YouTube
Muhammad Ali vs Earnie Shavers # Highlights # HD via @YouTube we dug Earnie Shavers though. But as a 17 year old this ALI fight awed me especially the last 20 seconds ...I was jumping all over my house yo
♥️♥️♥️ The Nearness of You (feat. Joe Pesci) via @YouTube
@funforlouis is a world traveler and filmmaker. He partnered with #YouTubeSocialimpact to bring you this compilation of stories of hope, helping to amplify others voices from around the world:
RT @DrPChouinard: Public service announcement: You can now report @YouTube videos promoting Miracle Mineral Solution, etc for permanent r…
…but private platforms that host political speech – like @Facebook & @YouTube – have the power to enact a @Policy to remove false or misleading speech about #Election2020 or #Census2020 if they choose. @Twitter has committed to uphold that integrity:
I'm not talking about trying to get people to vote for you, says @digitalsista; I'm talking something that's illegal: telling people to go to some place you're not supposed to go. I don't think that's illegal under federal law? (@Twitter bans it, though.)
Want to know what i've been up to this past year? Head over to @YouTube and find out for yourself 🙌🏼
The myth that governments print money & How to repay $250 trillion via @YouTube
Attending an Indian wedding soon? @NitibhaKaul has got all your make-up dilemmas covered →
do not try this at work...
Bring on the sweaters! Check out these 20 winter fashion inspos by @kritikakhurana →
Couldn’t take your eyes off him ! James Brown - there was a time 1968 (Virus Mix) Also there were 1.6k people who thumbed it down and that could not feel this because they had as much soul as a cardboard oatmeal box via @YouTube
RT @samanthapweiss: Lover Piano Cover #taylorswift #lovercover #pianocover via @YouTube #lover #taylorswift #pianoc…
RT @RoArquette: John Lennon - Oh My Love (1971) via @YouTube remembering John Lennon today .
Dennis%20Miller%20tells%20about%20dinner%20with%20Frank%20Sinatra https%3A// via @YouTube
RT @slpng_giants: Keep in mind that @YouTube, @Facebook and @Twitter not only gave this guy reach beyond his wildest dreams, they also help…
in 2018 we made something you didn't like... so in 2019... #YouTubeRewind
Likes and dislikes will both be enabled... see you tomorrow
Your faves are gracing the #Streamys stage on 12/13. You won't want to miss it! 🙌
'Tis the season of giving! Find out how creators are giving to others this year: #GivingTuesday
We surprised @eljuanpazurita with an exact duplicate of his apartment... 😱 Watch him chat tongue twisters and all things YouTube with @SusanWojcicki.
And today, we began expanding this effort to non-English-language markets, starting with Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico and Spain.
[REDUCE ⬇️] Since Jan 2019, we’ve launched over 30+ changes to reduce recommendations of borderline content and harmful misinformation. The result is a 70% average drop in watch time of this content coming from non-subscribed recommendations in the U.S.
It’s no surprise that YouTube — a place for creativity & openness — also has content that brushes up against our policies, but doesn’t quite cross the line. We call this borderline content.
[RAISE ⬆️] That’s why we’ve raised authoritative sources to the top for breaking news, medicine and other evergreen topics prone to misinfo. Read more about the suite of features we’ve introduced to tackle this challenge:
Here’s an update on the work we’re doing behind-the-scenes to ⬆️ RAISE authoritative voices + ⬇️ REDUCE the spread of borderline content and harmful misinfo. []
A little something for all you super fans! ⛄️ Dive into the music behind #Frozen2 with songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez.
🎁 Our #CyberWeek gift to you: 3 free months of ad-free YouTube Premium from now until December 8th for new users! Terms apply→
@DoctorGaruda's hand-made Baby Yoda is insane 😱
In case you needed a little break in the day to daydream...
Watching @yungblud do @marshmellomusic's makeup to celebrate their new single was everything we needed:
Watch as @MKBHD and special guests unbox, review, and unearth the stories around nostalgic tech products in a new #YouTubeOriginal series, #RetroTechMKBHD! Check out the trailer now:
@timepluslight spent 2.5 years time-lapsing Manchester 😱 😱
ICYMI: Here's @SusanWojcicki's last creator letter of the year. She covers the Self Certification pilot, helping creators monetize outside of ad revenue, and creator wellbeing:
And btw - according to the FTC, your content isn’t considered “directed to children” just because some children may see it. The FTC issued additional guidance on this topic today actually, here it is:
One word: iconic. Watch @jackieaina & @NaomiCampbell get glammed up:
Gonna tell the kids this was the Tesla Cybertruck
In @SusanWojcicki's last creator letter of 2019, she discusses the ways YouTube is helping creators make money through their connections with fans, including Super Chat, merchandise, and the rollout of Super Stickers. More:
*looks up "oddly satisfying"*
Add some zen to your Monday with #CreatorOnTheRise Yogini Melbourne:
Sundays are for staying at home to watch YouTube videos. that's just how it goes 🤷‍♂️
So much to say... so little time. ⏱ #YouTubeBlack creators covered the hottest topics with only 15 seconds on the clock:
Chelsea from @TFDiet has tips for all of those who are figuring out "adulting" 🙌 Watch her #YouTubeLearning playlist now:
Today, many of us are observing #RemembranceDay by wearing poppies. If you don't have one yet, here's how to make one, taught by @behindthenews:
Thanks for the memories, @sesamestreet. We ❤️ you. Find more #Sesame50 on #YouTubeKids! Learn more ➡️
and even though self-control isn’t easy, change is possible (note: 2019 Cookie Monster has a way more balanced diet now #selfcare #teachthemyoung). But all that said, *sometimes* you just have to treat yourself.
You’ve shared big life lessons like the importance of bathing,
and how to move our bodies!
We love that you and your cool friends sing catchy bops, teaching us about things like shapes -
Dear @sesamestreet, happy 50th birthday! 🎂 Thank you for Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, the rest of the crew, and all the years of FUN learning. #Sesame50
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