You can't spell celebrate without ate! 🍽️ Check out these recipes for some traditional Lunar New Year feasts:
I have watched every episode of every @StarTrek series ever made. Some worked much better than others. Tonight I watched the premiere of “Star Trek: Picard” and really liked it. I think it has real potential. #Picard via @YouTube
Jim Lehrer reflects on Marines at museum dedication in November 2006 via @YouTube
Pie 101 courtesy of Sugar Geek Show to get you in the #NationalPieDay mood:
📢 Confronting the Weaponization of the World Wide Web with Tony Hall, @SusanWojcicki of @YouTube, @kirstinestewart of @wef and @AdamMGrant of @Wharton 📢 📺 Live Stream: 📰 Live Blog: #wef20
Weird phenomenon: Everytime I tweet this link, the view of my new song/video increase. Correlation? via @YouTube
For those wondering “what happened to Antonio Brown”. One can never fully appreciate the damage to the brain from the sport via @YouTube
Lunar New Year is almost here! 🧧🐭 Find out what the Year of the Rat has in store for you:
We will performing our new song on Colbert on Feb. 29th! @SteepCanyon via @YouTube
And yes, I’ll use a damn VPN if I’m thwarted by region restrictions. promo code Rocket. Lol.
So I will be leaving South Africa when this debuts and will be furiously downloading this so I can watch it 7 or 8 times on my 16 hour flight back via @YouTube
I have a ticket to the sundance premiere and am stoked
I am so jealous. Please tell me everything! I almost got tickets to go to Sundance this year just for that (well and b/c I love Sundance) but then I had to go to Johannesburg last-minute and I’ll be in Sydney and Singapore two weeks later so I couldn’t make it work this time.
Also please tell me/us if Netflix does anything TSwift themed at their party
I’m just saying, I’ll be disappointed if there aren’t cat-themed cookies. Who am I kidding. Nothing Netflix or Taylor does could really disappoint me.
She didn't come to play, she came to slay 🔥
RT @OliBarrett: Want to know how @netflix @YouTube @amazon @cbbc @ViacomCBS @ITV & @SkyUK could change millions of children's lives? @Tot…
Whether you write just for fun or are an avid writer, this #YouTubeLearning playlist has a lot of great tips, tricks and practices to help you write your first book and make it a bestseller:
RT @SimonDixonTwitt: 3 Bitcoin Supply Shocks Everybody Should Be Aware Of - Simon Dixon live via @YouTube
3 Bitcoin Supply Shocks Everybody Should Be Aware Of - Simon Dixon live via @YouTube
This is how you do funny brand advertising in era of attention ... Punny | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes) via @YouTube
#Hogansbeachshoporlando is excited to have #Hacksawjimduggan January 24th call 407/674-7457 for more info Jim Duggan & Hulk Hogan Promo [1991-02-23] via @YouTube
One year after the release of @maggierogers debut album, she's taking us on a journey of the recording of the song "Past Life". Watch now:
This might as well have been shot on Mars and we can't stop watching! Watch Andrew Studer's "Space to Roam," inspired by the patterns and structure of space:
In home cafe videos, beautifully crafted colorful drinks are made which are comforting and therapeutic.🌈
✨Step into the magical world of this miniature crescent garden:
honestly can't think of a more relaxing video. watching @emojoie's Taiwanese Castella cake for the rest of the day:
What is “I learned it on YouTube?” We made it into @Jeopardy with our very own category! Dedicated to the place you all love to learn: YouTube.
What’s a delicious way to learn how to get over your cooking show frustrations?
What’s the best way to learn how to YouTube?
Introducing your new fave planttuber🌿Check out Pamella P for tips, tricks and more to get your #NationalHouseplantDay going:
What do the stars have in store for you in 2020? Find out in this tarot reading:
okay we know it's only been 9 days, but what's the best video you've seen this year?
@voxdotcom's #GladYouAskedYT is back to answer even more of your burning questions. Check it out now:
🎨Pastel Party!  These colors come to life in unexpected and vivid ways in this acrylic pour painting video (Turn sound on 🔉)
Watch @karaandnate get a bird's-eye view of one of the most challenging landings in the world!
Watch the final episode of #RetroTechMKBHD: #ShowUsYourRetroTech in the comments below 👇
@Coachella, you ready to go down memory lane? 3/31/2020 #CoachellaDoc, only on YouTube. #YouTubeOriginals #Coachella2020
Get to know all about these good dogs with good jobs for Walk Your Dog Month. Watch the #YouTubeSocialImpact playlist made with @exploreorg:
Wander away into the woods this weekend with @goodnessinu🌲:
In case you needed some resolution inspo:
Start your year off with a little treat:
Get better at self care in 2020.🌸 Yogini Melbourne has a 10 minute practice to help you alleviate anxiety:
#CreatorOnThRise @GregBarling is taking the road less travelled:
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! ✨🎄 @Preppy_Kitchen
Camping in the snow isn't for everyone, but Erik Normark sure does make it look great 😅 🔊
Get into the spirit of Christmas with this ASMR recipe for the Japanese Christmas strawberry sponge cake 🎄🍰: @hidamari_cookin
@zachking, but make him Santa. 🎅 Watch the YouTube magician's short film The Magical Night Before Christmas:
First day of winter realness ❄️:
Watch YouTube's @DerekBlasberg sit down with @ClevverStyle to talk Euphoria trends and more top fashion moments from 2019:
This 3D mold of the Grinch is almost too real 😱
MOOD - this cover of Circles by @BILLbilly01 feat. Tan:
Mid-week dance therapy 💃 This dance cover of @weareoneEXO's Obsession by ArtBeat is truly epic:
@spoonfilm shoots everything with a tilt shift lens making all of Earth's magical places look like tiny toys and we're obsessed:
Why buy when you can DIY!  Learn how to make this elegant origami ❄️:
and finally, @LizaKoshy's reaction during anything #streamys. Priceless
In honor of tonight's award show, we asked our friends at @streamys for some of their favorite #streamys moments from previous shows and here's what we came up with. What's your favorite Streamy moment?
When @vanderjames showed the #streamys and the world that he could break dance? and like @KingBach ...we were shook 😮
When @TryGuys showed us how to get red carpet ready. Let's just say some could contour better than others. #streamys @EugeneLeeYang @nedfulmer @korndiddy @KeithHabs
🔴 [LIVE]: Celebrate the powerful women who have moved us this year 🎶 Tune into the @Billboard Women In Music Awards NOW, hosted by @HayleyKiyoko #BBWomenInMusic →
Watch #ArtZoom: a @Googlearts guided tour like you’ve never been on before → 🎙️ #ArtistOnTheRise @_girlinred_ & @LoloZouai
Watch @doutzen join @NikkieTutorials and talk life, the power of makeup and all things YouTube:
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